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The New Gloucester Bus Station

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With funding from GFirst LEP and Gloucestershire Local Transport Board, Gloucestershire County and Gloucester City Councils are investing £7.5million into the redevelopment of a new bus station.

Plans for the new hub include a modern fully enclosed concourse, 12 bus bays, a manned ticket office, electronic timetable displays, a new cafe and CCTV.

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Highway plans for Gloucester’s new bus station.

Construction Updates

While the construction work is being carried out, the existing bus station will remain fully functioning and existing bus routes and stops are not expected to change.


Gloucester Transport Hub Highway Improvements Bulletin 4


Gloucester Transport Hub Highway Improvements Bulletin 3


Gloucester Transport Hub Highway Improvements Bulletin 2


Britannia Construction commenced the highway alterations and improvements to facilitate the new bus station on schedule immediately after Easter. Phase 1 comprising the new junction between Station Road and Bruton Way is due to open in August and this will then enable Kier Construction to start the new building immediately thereafter.

Gloucester Transport Hub Highway Improvements Bulletin 1

Photographs - April 2017​


Over the past few months much of the work we have been doing has been underground. This included detailed site investigation and boreholes now that we have a cleared site. This has enabled the design for the foundations and underground drainage to be finalised. We are also negotiating the moving of below ground utility services including Vodafone, BT, Western Power and Virgin, together with working with Severn Trent on sewers and water mains.

The city council has also been preparing all of the documentation to satisfy 17 planning conditions that has to be in place before the building work can start. This involves working with partners to align dates, policies and procedures. The essential highway alterations and improvements in Station Road and Bruton Way, which must be completed before construction of the building can start, are scheduled to commence shortly after Easter following a rigorous tender procedure. A temporary one day closure of Bruton Way spur will take place on Sunday 5th March to facilitate enabling works.

The contractors (Kier), will be on site and the first spade will be in the ground later this summer. Everything is still very much on track for the new look bus station to be operational in the summer of 2018.


Our contractors removed the remaining concrete ground slabs during September which enabled the Duke of Gloucester to bury a time capsule on 20th September.  Kier Construction then undertook a detailed ground soil investigation including drilling 10 metre deep boreholes to ascertain soil bearing capabilities and groundwater levels.  The design for the piling and foundations together with underground drainage details are now being formulated to clear the final planning conditions and approval early next year.

The statutory consultation process for the highway improvement works, to enable the bus station to be constructed, resulted in a number of objections. We have been working to resolve those objections through negotiation and are near to achieving an agreed way forward. This has enabled the final design of the works to progress through the tender process. The first stage works to open a new junction between Station Road and Bruton Way are expected to commence in the Spring of next year followed by further improvements to Station Road and Market Parade.

At the same time there will be diversion works undertaken to move underground utilities including a large water main, high voltage electrical mains, telephone, fibre optic and media cables, and a foul and surface water sewer.  These are very complex and time consuming essential enabling works which will be co-ordinated and phased to try and minimise disruption in this area.

It is hoped that the foundation piling and construction of the bus station building itself will start in Summer 2017 with a build duration of around twelve months.​


Demolition of the buildings required for construction of the new bus station has now been successfully completed.  The exposed wall on the remaining elevation of Grosvenor House will be improved by fixing modern cladding during August. The remaining ground floor slabs will also be removed during August.

A detailed archaeological investigation of the cleared site was undertaken during July and a summary report will be published shortly.

Once the concrete slab has been removed, our contractors, Kier Construction, will undertake a detailed site investigation during September, with boreholes and trial pits to assess existing ground conditions. This will enable final design for the bus station building and structural foundations, together with below ground drainage.

Negotiations are ongoing with all the utility companies to divert a total of seven underground services around the site of the new bus station. Subject to the public consultation process, which closes on 12th August, detailed tenders for the highway alterations are now being sought with a view to start on site later this year.​


​Demolition of part of Grosvenor House has progressed well and we are on target for a cleared site by the end of June. Cotswold Archaeology will be undertaking a detailed investigation during July. Underground utility service diversions will be progressed during the Summer and Kier Construction, our preferred bidder for the bus station contract, will undertake ground investigation to enable the final design of the foundations and superstructure for the new building. The main construction of the bus station should commence in the Autumn together with highway alteration works. Final design of the highways is under way and detailed drawings are being prepared for further public consultation in July.

​The demolition contract for part of Grosvenor House and the adjacent café/administration building has been awarded to local contractors, Wye Valley Demolition, after a competitive tender. Work will commence on site from Monday 18th April after completion of the asbestos removal and all utility services have been removed from the buildings. Demolition should take approximately 8 weeks which will then be followed by an archaeological investigation and detailed site survey.

​Asbestos removal now being undertaken in Grosvenor House, Bus Station Café and then Bentinck House to facilitate the demolition of these buildings, starting early in April.

​Hoarding is currently being installed on site ahead of the start of demolition work​​​