A-Z of Services


Bad WeatherAdverse Weather - Update and Advice
Bands & ChargesInformation on Council Tax bands and charges
Bedroom TaxInformation on under occupancy
BeesRequesting the Pest Control service
Benefit FraudHow to report Benefit fraud
Benefits and GrantsAdvice on Benefits and Grants
BereavementInformation on the Cemetary and Crematorium
Betting Shop LicenceInformation on licences and permits issued by Gloucester City Council
BinsInformation on Bins & Recycling
Blackfriars PrioryInformation on Blackfriars Priory in Gloucester
BonfiresReporting Bonfires
BudgetInformation on our Budgets and Spending
Budget ConsultationInformation on our Budget Consultations
BuildingInformation on Planning advice and permission
Building ControlInformation on Building Regulations
BulkyHow to book a bulky item collection
BurialsInformation on the Cemetry and Crematorium
Bus StationInformation on the new Gloucester Bus Station
Business AdviceInformation on starting a Business
Business continuityInformation about our Business Continutity
Business GrantsInformation on Business Grants available
Business RatesInformation on Business Rates