A-Z of Services


E PetitionsView current E Petitions, browse past E Petitions and submit new ones.
E-Citizen PanelInformation on joining the e-citizen panel
ElectionsInformation on Elections, the process and results
Electrolysis RegistrationInformation for individuals and businesses on how to register
Emergency PlanningInformation on the Emergency Plan
Environmental HealthInformation on Licensing, Food Safety, Pest Control, Housing problems and Polution
Environmental PlanningInformation on Planning advice and permission
Environmental WasteInformation on Waste & Recycling
Equal OpportunitiesInformation on our commitment to Equal Opportunities
EqualitiesInformation on equalities, diversity and cohesion
Equality & DiversityInformation on Equality & Diversity policies and assessments
EventsAdvice on Events and Street Parties
Exemptions - C/TaxInformation on exemptions from paying Council Tax
Extreme WeatherAdverse Weather - Update and Advice