A-Z of Services


ParkingInformation on Parking in Gloucester
Parks and Open SpacesInformation about Parks & Open spaces
Paws on PatrolHow to join our Paws on Patrol team
Pay a parking fineHow to pay a parking fine
PaymentsMake a payment
People Impact AssessmentsCopies of People Impact Assessments
PerformanceInformation on how we are performing against targets
Pest control serviceRequesting the Pest Control service
Pests, Gulls & InfestationInformation and fact sheets on Pests, Gulls & Infestation
Pet Shop LicencesInformation about licensing a Pet Shop
Piercing RegistrationInformation for individuals and businesses on how to register
Planning - BusinessInformation about Planning and Building Control
Planning - ResidentialInformation about Planning and Building Control
Planning PolicyInformation about Planning Policy within Gloucester City
PlaygroundsInformation about Playgrounds in Gloucester City
PollutionInformation about pollution
Pollution reportingReporting pollution within Gloucester City
Postal VoteHow to apply to make a postal vote
Premises LicensingInformation on licenses and permits issued by Gloucester city Council
Pre-PlanningInformation on pre-planning advice and fees
Press OfficeCommunications and Marketing Team Press Office
Press ReleasesPress Releases from Gloucester City Council
Private Hire LicencesInformation about Private Hire licences
Private HousingInformation on Private Rented Properties
Private Housing ProblemsReport problems with your private rented property
ProcurementInformation on tenders and the Council Procurement Team
Proxy VotingHow to apply for Proxy Voting
Public Access Planning PortalLink for the Public Access Planning Portal
Public ConveniencesAccessibility in the City of Gloucester
Purple SacksInformation on Bins & Recycling