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​Pet shop licences

To run a business selling pet animals you need a licence from the local authority. This includes all commercial selling of pet animals, including pet shops and businesses selling animals over the internet.

How to apply

If you want to apply for a Pet Shop Licence please download the attached application form, complete it in full and send it together with the fee, to the Licence Team.

When we have received your application and fee we will arrange to carry out the relevant inspections to make sure your premises meet the required standards.


The annual fee is £72, which you must submit with your application. Pet shops selling puppies and kittens will be subject to an additional fee for an inspection by a nominated vet. You can:

  • Send a cheque made payable to Gloucester City Council.
  • Make a payment over the phone using your debit or credit card by calling 01452 396301.

The Licences are valid for a minimum of 12 months and expire on the 31st December following the date of issue.

Guidance notes

Local authorities must have regard to the following when considering an application for a pet shop licence:

  • That animals will be kept in suitable accommodation, for example in regards to temperature, size, lighting, ventilation and cleanliness.
  • Adequate food and drink will be provided to the animals and they will be visited at suitable intervals.
  • That any mammalian animals will not be sold too young.
  • That steps are taken to prevent disease spreading among the animals.
  • That adequate fire and emergency provisions are in place.

Conditions can be attached to a licence to ensure that the above are complied with.