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City council prosecute another rogue landlord

Gloucester City Council have brought another landlord to justice for unfit accommodation.

Saqib Rasul, the owner of 329 Barton Street, Gloucester was successfully prosecuted at Cheltenham Magistrates Court on Monday 8th November following an inspection in June.

The search, carried out by officers from environmental health at Gloucester City Council,  found the multiple-occupancy premises (HMO) to be damp, in disrepair and unfit for living in.

The premises had damaged and dangerous electrical fittings, as well as broken bathroom and kitchen facilities. Common areas of building were dirty, and there was evidence of a serious mouse infestation.

Due to the particularly poor state of the premises, officers decided to proceed immediately with prosecution under the HMO Management regulations.

At court, Mr. Rasul was fined £2,500 for failing to manage the property. For failing to provide gas and electrical safety certificates to the council, he was fined £1,000. He was also ordered to pay a total of £1,500 in costs.

Julie Wight, Private Sector Housing Service Manager, said: "Landlords such as Mr. Rasul tarnish the reputation of the compliant landlords who do not put their tenants at risk by renting out sub standard accommodation.

"Hopefully this prosecution is a warning to the city's landlords that, if you don't play by the rules, you will be prosecuted."

Officers from the council and Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service have so far carried out unannounced inspections of over 30 properties in the Barton & Tredworth and Westgate wards of Gloucester in 2015.

The vast majority of the properties inspected were found to be poorly managed, with many having very serious hazards or overcrowding issues.

Cllr Mary Smith, chair of the group of cross party councillors who are overseeing this work, was pleased with the successful prosecution; "Once again our targeted housing inspections have found rented properties that are well below the required standard.

"I am pleased that the courts take a similarly dim view of this matter, and that Landlords are being held to account. Breaking the law and endangering tenants will not be tolerated in Gloucester."

If you have any information on rogue landlords, or safety concerns about your private rented property, contact the council on 01452 396396 or email to speak to our housing team