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Council Plan Consultation

Gloucester City Council is asking people who live in Gloucester to have their say on its council plan. The council plan sets out the council’s direction and ambitions and over the next three years and explains how it will use its resources and work with partner organisations to improve our city and the lives of its residents.

Whether it’s the availability of affordable homes, keeping the city safe, or protecting services, the council wants to know what is important to you.

Draft Council Plan 2017-20

Council Plan Consultation

Royal City Status for Gloucester

Last year marked the 800th anniversary of the coronation of Henry III in Gloucester Cathedral (the only time since 1066 that a monarch has been crowned outside London). A suggestion has been made that Gloucester should petition for ‘Royal City’ status. Gloucester City Council has decided to consult the public before making a decision on whether it should do so. If granted, Gloucester would become “The Royal City of Gloucester”, like the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and most recently, Royal Wotton Bassett. Royal City status would provide Gloucester with an enhanced image and could help attract more visitors and tourists by drawing attention to the city’s history and heritage.

The cost of changing the status of the city would be minimal as signage and visual rebranding would only be updated as and when items require replacing. The only cost would be the time taken to put the bid together. We want to understand the potential benefits of Gloucester becoming a Royal City as well as any disadvantages that this could bring. We want to know what you think about a possible bid for Royal City status.

Please have your say as we value your views and your feedback would be very much appreciated. Take the survey

​Have Your Say​​

If you have ever wanted to make your views heard, but simply don’t have the time to attend public meetings or events, our free email alerts service will help keep you connected and updated on the things that matter to you and will enable you to have your say on a variety of issues and topics within Gloucester. Please sign up here​.​​