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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What is Open Data?

The aim of open data in the public sector is to increase transparency across Government and allow anyone, whether businesses, individuals, charities and community groups to re-use public sector information. The Government is leading the way by publishing a large amount of data from many public sector bodies at and also showcasing applications that have been created using the information available. The Ordnance Survey website also have mapping datasets available for use at​

Use of our published data

On this page we publish data which is available in electronic format for you to re-use on your own website, in an application you create or for any other use you have in mind. All we ask is that you credit Gloucester City Council as the source of the data. All data listed below is released under the open government licence, usage of the data is subject to the conditions of this licence.

Senior Management Structure 2016/17​

Senior Management Structure 2016/17

Payment Performance Statistics

Payment Performance Statistics 2017-18

Payment Performance Statistics 2016-17

Payment Performance Statistics 2015-16


​Financial Datasets

​Dataset (click link for direct download)dataset format
Spending Data - May 2018​CSV
Spending Data - April 2018​CSV
Spending Data - March 2018​CSV
Spending Data - February 2018​CSV
Spending Data - January 2018​CSV
​Spending data - December 2017​CSV
​Spending data - November 2017​CSV
Spending data - October 2017​CSV
Spending data - September 2017​CSV
Spending data - August 201​7​CSV​​
Spending data - July​​​​​ ​201​7​CSV​​
Spending data - June​​​​ ​201​7​CSV​​
Spending data - May​​​​ ​201​7​CSV​​
Spending data - April​​​​ ​201​7​CSV​​
Spending data - March​​​​ ​201​7​CSV​​
Spending data - February​​​​ ​201​7​CSV​​
Spending data - January​​​​ ​201​7​CSV​​
Spending data - December​​​​ ​2016​​​CSV​​
Spending data - November​​​​ ​2016​​​CSV​​
Spending data - October​​​​ ​2016​​​CSV​​
Spending data - September​​​ ​2016​​​CSV​​
Spending data - August​​​ ​2016​​​CSV​​
Spending data - July​​​​ ​2016​​​CSV​​
Spending data - June​​​ ​2016​​​CSV​​
Spending data over £500 - May​​​ ​2016​​​CSV​​
Spending data over £500 - April​​​ ​2016​​​CSV​​
Spending data over £500 - March​​​ ​2016​​​CSV​​
Spending data over £500 - February​​​ ​2016​​​CSV​​
Spending data over £500 - January​​​ ​2016​​​CSV​​
Spending data over £500 - December​​​ ​2015​​​CSV​​
Spending data over £500 - November​​ ​2015​​​CSV​​
Spending data over £500 - October​ ​2015​​​CSV​​
Spending data over £500 - September ​2015​​​CSV​​
Spending data over £500 - August 2015​​​CSV​​
Spending data over £500 - July 2015​​​CSV​​
Spending data over £500 - June 2015​​​CSV​​

May 2015​​- No data available

​No data​​
Spending data over £500 - April 2015​​​CSV​​
Spending data over £500 - March 2015​​​CSV​​
Spending data over £500 - February 2015​​​CSV​​
Spending data over £500 - January 2015​​​CSV​​
Spending data over £500 - December 2014​​​CSV​​
Spending data over £500 - November 2014​​​CSV​​
Spending data over £500 - October 2014​​​CSV​​​
Spending data over £500 - September 2014​​​CSV​​
Spending data over £500 - August 2014​​​CSV​​
Spending data over £500 - Ju​ly​ 2014​​​CSV​​
Spending data over £500 - June​ 2014​​​CSV​​
Spending data over £500 - May 2014​​​CSV​​
Spending data over £500 - April 2014​​​CSV​​
Spending data over £500 - March 2014​​CSV​
Spending data over £500 - Feb 2014​CSV​
Spending data over £500 - Jan 2014​Excel Spreadsheet​
Spending data over £500 - Sept to Dec 2013CSV
Spending data over £500 - April to August 2013CSV​
Spending data over £500 - 2012/2013CSV
Spending data over £500 - 2011/2012​​Excel Spreadsheet
Spending data over £500 - Mar 2011CSV
Spending data over £500 - Feb 2011CSV
Spending data over £500 - Jan 2011CSV
​​Spending data over £500 - Dec 2010​CSV

Council land and property assets

The Council manages a varied portfolio of land and property throughout the City. As part of our commitment to the Government’s transparency agenda we publish details of all the land and properties we have an interest in. This includes ​property owned by the Council and also that Council rents.

We will review and update this information annually.

Please download and view our current Land and Building Register​.

For further information please email:


Car parking

The Council runs 16 car parks in the city centre. Please use link below to view information we have produced to meet our commitment to the Government's transparency agenda. This information will be reviewed and updated annually.

Transparency information - Car Parking

For further information please email:​