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​​​​​​​​Household Waste Collections​

Please read the following information before reporting a problem.

Black Wheeled Bin (collected fortnightly)

Every household in Gloucester is entitled to have a black wheeled bin for waste that cannot be reused or recycled. However, if you have storage issues, contact us by phone on (01452) 396396 or email​



  • Gloucester City Council has a closed bin lid policy for waste bins, so your bin should be presented for collection by 7am with the lid closed. Any additional bags left next to the bin will not be taken by the collection crew.
  • You should ensure there is only domestic waste in your bin. For example, no DIY items, soil, rubble etc.

Is this service available to all householders?

The service is available for those properties where the wheeled bin can be safely stored away from the highway. If you think your property may have access problems, please contact us.

Where does the waste go?

The waste in your black bin is sent to the landfill site. Only non recyclable waste should be put into your black bin. Make sure you are making full use of your green recycling boxes, blue sack and food waste caddy. Information about recycling in Gloucester can be found here

For more advice on reducing your waste visit:

Items we will NOT collect from your black domestic waste bin

  • Soil and rubble, electrical goods, window and mirror glass, DIY materials i.e., construction waste, tiles, and paint tins etc (these items are all accepted at the Hempsted Household Recycling Centre
  • Needles / sharps - Hazardous waste such as syringes, diabetic needles and lancets post a significant health risk and need to be disposed of safely. Do not place diabetic needles, syringes or lancets in any general refuse sacks or bins - you may not only be risking your own health but that of the collection crews. Information about the disposal of needles and sharps.
  • Business/Commercial waste
  • Food waste. Please use your brown food waste caddy
  • Items that should be put into your green recycling box  or blue sack


Bin Problems?


  • You need an assisted collection form complete and return an application form​​. An Assisted Collection is the collection of recycling or waste containers by the collection crew from an agreed point in the front of the property and the return of the empty container back to that point. It is provided for households where there is no one living at the property who is physically able to carry the waste and recycling to the boundary for collection. The service is not available for residents that use communal bin stores
  • you have recently moved house.
  • you have lost or damaged your bin, or
  • you are having problems managing your waste. In certain circumstances we are able to authorize extra capacity for a limited period of time.
  • your bin has not been emptied (Please notify us within 2 working days)
    Where access to property is blocked and it is a public highway instruction and not the residents fault, Amey will make one further attempt within 24 hours to collect the bin. If access is still impeded the next collection will not take place until the next scheduled collection day. If your household waste bin is not collected because of blocked access, you may present an additional 4 bags of waste on your next waste collection only.

please report it online, or email or ring (01452) 396396.

Partially emptied bins

If your bin has only been partially emptied there will be no return until the next collection day. Bins are mechanically tipped and shaken to enable the waste to fall freely. If for any reason waste is compacted, the bin may not completely empty. Under no circumstances are operatives permitted to put hands inside the bin to loosen waste during the collection process.​

Advice for Collections During Severe Weather

Information and guidance on waste and recycling collections during severe weather.

Collection of Food Waste​

You are now able to line your food caddy with any type of plastic bag, compostable or bio-degradable bag or liner such as a corn starch bag. For further information and advice please contact us at or 01452 396396.

Animal Proof Sack Service

The animal proof sack service is provided to residents in streets where there are terraced properties with no frontages and/ or where access is restricted. Properties that are eligible for the service receive a 120L reusable animal proof sack to store their waste. The service is weekly and residents must present the sack with a closed lid, by 7am on the day of collection and remove the sack from the street after it has been emptied. This ensures that the streets remain free of obstruction both for local residents and for street cleaning. Waste put out for collection must be contained within bags. Sacks presented with loose waste will not be emptied. Frequently asked questions about the scheme can be found here

Commercial Trade Waste

All businesses have a legal Duty of Care to dispose of their waste in a responsible manner, using a licensed carrier and obtaining a Controlled Waste Transfer Note.

The Duty of Care is a law, which states that you must take all reasonable steps to keep waste safe. If you give waste to someone else, you must be sure that they are authorised to take it and can transport, recycle or dispose of it safely. If you break this law you can be fined up to £5,000.

Many local companies can provide a sack collection, wheeled bin or skip based collection and recycling services for trade waste. See Yellow Pages. If you are prepared to sort your waste you may be able to negotiate lower costs than for mixed waste.

More details about the legal Duty of Care.