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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Recycling Collections​​​

What day is our recycling collected?

To find your recycling collection day you need to download the My Gloucester phone app or access via the My Gloucester portal.

Every household in Gloucester is entitled to have recycling facilities. This will be either a household green box and brown food caddy ​collection service or communal recycling facilities for some flats.

For queries regarding recycling please contact us by completing a report it form, email: or telephone 01452 396396

Flats Communal Recycling Bins (Fortnightly collection)

We have different types of recycling facilities for flats which are dependent on the number of flats in a block and the storage space available to house the bins. If you feel these facilities need to be reviewed or you wish to discuss recycling improvements with us please contact us.

We can be contacted by completing a report it form, Email:​ or telephone 01452 396396

Green Boxes (Weekly collection)​

Gloucester City Council's recycling box collections are weekly. Please put your recycling box out by 7am on the day of collection. You can also contact us for an additional or replacement box or to arrange an assisted collection for the elderly or infirm.

If you have enough recycling for more than one box, it will help to speed up collections if you separate the items into separate boxes. This will allow the recycling vehicles to move more quickly down your street. Please put paper, thin card, household batteries, cartons, glass bottles and jars in box 1, and plastic bottles, mixed plastic, aerosols, cans and tins in box 2.

If, occasionally you have excess recycling that can't be fitted into your green box, this can be placed in clear carrier bags and left with your green box on collection day. Please don't use black bags as this could be mistaken for side waste. Ensure that glass bottles are placed to bags carefully to avoid breakage. Additional green boxes can be requested through the My Gloucester Portal

​Items We Can Recycle in your Green Box

  • Newspaper & magazines
  • Phone directories, including Yellow Pages
  • Catalogues and paperback books
  • Junk mail, letters and cards
  • Thin card egg boxes
  • Envelopes
  • Cereal & thin​ card food packaging
  • Shredded paper (place in a clear carrier bag in your recycle box)
  • Clean food cans
  • Drink cans
  • Clean glass jars and bottles (any colour)
  • Plastic bottles (please squash)
  • Milk & juice bottles (please rinse & squash)
  • Cleaning bleach & detergent bottles (leave lids on)
  • Toiletry bottles
  • Household dry cell batteries
  • Cartons such as Tetra Pak e.g. milk, juice, soup (please rinse and squash).
  • Aerosols. Please remove lids and ensure aerosols are empty before recycling.
  • Mixed plastic containers such as meat trays, fruit punnets, yoghurt pots, butter and ice cream tubs, sweet tubs
  • Textiles such as old clothes, paired shoes, sheets & towels placed in a see through bag on top of your recycling box. Please continue to take reusable items to local charity shops.
  • Aluminium food trays e.g. takeaway containers, pie cases, pet food trays, foil lids, kitchen foil (please rinse to remove food).Scrunch foil lids, confectionery and kitchen foil together to make a larger ball.​

Blue Sack

This is a weekly collection and the sack is for thick corrugated cardboard such as mail order packaging, washing powder boxes, pet food sachets, takeaway pizza boxes (all food must be removed). Flatten and break up cardboard to fit inside the sack and ensure the lid is closed. Thin card such as cereal boxes and paper should continue to be placed in your green box for collection. Cardboard that is not flattened and broken up will not be collected.

Large amounts of cardboard should be taken to a local bring site or to a local ​household recycling centre.​

Items We Cannot​ Recycle

  • Mini beer kegs
  • Wet or dirty items
  • Wallpaper
  • Hardback books
  • Shiny foil type wrapping paper
  • ​Dirty cans​
  • Paint tins
  • Crisp packets, drink, baby food and  pet food pouches
  • Window panes
  • Pyrex dishes or crockery
  • Light bulbs (these can be recycled at Hempsted Recycling Centre. Low energy light bulbs can be recycled at limited recycling bring banks)
  • Glass milk bottles
  • Cling film/carrier bags. Please note: plastic bags of any type can now be used to line your food caddy with
  • Wet batteries (e.g. car batteries)
  • Corrugated cardboard boxes that have not been flattened and broken up
  • Black plastic containers
  • CD,video and DVD cases(CD"S and DVD can be recycled at local Household Recycling Centres visit for more information)

  • Coat hanger
  • 'Pringle' style crisp containers
  • Plant pots. If you would like to recycle your plant pots please contact The Butterfly Garden (registered charity) based in Staverton who will be happy to help you
  • Video tapes. If you would like to recycle video tapes please contact The Butterfly Garden (registered charity) based in Staverton who will be happy to help you

This list includes items that are frequently put into recycling boxes in error. You may find that your recycling crew have left other items in your box because they cannot be accepted.

View the new recycling leaflet.​

What happens to the recycling?

The recycling waste does not go to landfill. Your recycling is sent off for processing at various plants. Examples of what it becomes :-

Gl​ass – b​ecomes another bottle or jar.

Paper – is recycled back into newspaper and magazines. ​It can also be shredded to make animal bedding and packing materials.

Ti​ns - Metal can be recycled with no loss of quality and can be used to make anything from a plane to a fridge or even another can.​

Plastics - Plastics can be made into a range of products such as bin liners, carrier bags, sewer pipes and even fleece jackets.​

Carto​ns – the various materials that make the cartons are separated into paperboard, aluminium and polymers and recycled into items such as cardboard and construction panels. Visit for more information.

​Aerosols – the steel and aluminium is recycled to make items such as cans.​​

Cardboard – recycled back into corrugated cardboard.

Textiles – sorted for reuse or recycled and fibres used to make new cloth.​

Food Waste - ​You can also reduce the amount of waste to landfill by using your weekly food waste caddy or by signing up for the Garden Waste ​Service.

Recycling Food Waste

Visit our Food Waste Collections page for information on recycling food waste.

For more information on reducing food waste and for recipe ideas, please visit the Love Food Hate Waste website.

Recycling Problems?


  • you need an assisted collection. An Assisted Collection is the collection of recycling or waste containers by the collection crew from an agreed point in the front of the property and the return of the empty container back to that point. It is provided for households where there is no one living at the property who is physically able to carry the waste and recycling to the boundary for collection. The service is not available for residents that use communal bin stores
  • you have recently moved house.
  • you have lost or damaged your box/caddy.
  • your box/bin/caddy has not been emptied (Please notify us within 2 working days)
    Where access to property is blocked and it is a public highway instruction and not the residents fault, Amey will make one further attempt within 24 hours to collect. If access is still impeded the next collection will not take place until the next scheduled collection day. Any excess recycling can be presented along with your green recycling box, in see through bags for collection the following week. ​​

For any of the above please contact your recycling team by completing a report it form, Email:​ or telephone 01452 396396.

Alternatively request new recycling containers via the My Gloucester App

Bulky Items Removal​

We provide a chargeable collection service for bulky items, such as a fridge, freezer, television or any other large item that you would take with you, when you move house. You may also be able to recycle these items through a local organisation. For more information about recycling large items or to request our Bulky collection service, please go to the Bulky Collection Service page.

Recycling Advice and Information to find out more about has lots of useful information about reducing waste and where to recycle items e.g. printer cartridges