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​​​​​​Waste and Recycling FAQ's​

Recycle More for Gloucester Campaign

Why have I got a sticker on my black bin?​​​
The sticker is part of our new “Recycle More for Gloucester” campaign and is a reminder to residents about what should not be thrown into the black bin.
Are you saying you will not empty my bin if these items are in there?​​​
No, but we do want you to think about whether you could be recycling it instead because that will save money and be better for the environment.
​​​I am recycling everything and I object to having this put on my bin
Recent analysis has demonstrated that around 25% of Gloucester residents are not recycling everything it is possible to recycle. The campaign is city wide but is designed to be advisory and a gentle reminder to our residents, to recycle rather than landfill your waste. If you are already recycling everything you can – thank you.
This is a waste of money, everyone is already recycling​​​
For every tonne of waste we divert from landfill, the County Council saves £125, money than could be spent on social care or education. Although recycling has increased significantly in the last 6 months, we know from analysis there is still a lot of recyclable material going to landfill every week.
The sticker indicates recycling box 1 and recycling box 2, but I only have enough for 1 box each week, do I need to order another box?​​​
Sorting the materials and in particular keeping glass separate from plastic and cans, helps us to ensure we produce 100% clean material for onward re-processing and speeds up the collection process so we are not blocking the road for long periods. This is important but if you only need one box, don’t worry our crews will sort it at the side of the vehicle. However if you have room and would like a second box, we would be happy to provide one.
​​​I have had a sticker put on my bin, but my friend who lives in a different area has not, why is my area being targeted?
It is a city wide campaign and during the next 4- 6 weeks every bin in the city will be stickered.

General Information

​​Why have you introduced a new recycling service?​
It is important that we reduce the amount of waste that we send to landfill, both in terms of saving money and the environment. The new service will allow us to divert a further 2000 tonnes of waste a year from landfill, which will save £250,000 in landfill tax. Recycling the 2000 tonnes instead of sending it to landfill will help us to move closer to 50% of all waste being recycled in the City and allows us to operate a more efficient service.
What is different about the new service?
We now collect​ corrugated cardboard, mixed plastics, old textiles and shoes in addition to the items we already collect.
What do you mean by mixed plastics?
The term mixed plastic refers to butter tubs, yogurt pots, meat trays, fruit and veg punnets, ice cream tubs, sweet tubs but unfortunately not hard rigid plastics for example plant pots, toys or hosepipes. We would always encourage residents to take any re-usable items like this to local charities or to the HRC at Hempsted, where they can be recycled.​
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Why do you only collect foil trays and not aluminium foil that comes in a roll?
Our processor has agreed to accept aluminium foil trays as long as they are clean. However as aluminium foil that comes in a roll is more likely to be contaminated by food and less easy for the crew to check (as it will probably be scrunched up), this cannot be accepted. Any food contaminating the foil would lower the value of the load of aluminium. It is important to keep the service cost effective and maximise the revenue we achieve.
Will the sack blow away?
The sacks are weighted in the bottom to stop them blowing away and all our crews are instructed to put the sack back inside the box after collection.
Can I have a second sack?
No, cardboard will be collected weekly and we do not think there will be a need for more than one sack. The sack provided does hold a lot of cardboard as long as it is broken up. Large cardboard boxes can still be taken to recycling banks.
If I lose the sack will you charge me for a replacement?
There are no plans to charge for a replacement sack at the moment.
Does the Council provide​ plastic bags for textiles?
No, we encourage our residents to take any good condition clothing to charity shops. We expect to only collect textiles ​that are not re-usable like old socks, worn out towels, and bedding which will be put out very occasionally. The instruction to the crews is we should take anything as long as we can see what it is but it needs to be kept dry. You can use supermarket carrier bags, bags for life (which will be returned to your recycling box) or pedal bin liners, but NOT black sacks.
Why does the Council want us to have so many different containers for recycling?
The only additional container is the foldable blue sack for cardboard, for the majority of residents the rest of the recycling will fit into two boxes which most households already have.
I don’t want to sort my recycling between two boxes, why do I have to?
When we looked at the best service for Gloucester, in terms of the environment and budget, a kerb side sort service was by far the best value. It allows us to recycle 100% of what we collect and get the best value, for high quality products. Residents who do an element of sorting will allow our crews to move quicker through the street and avoid a lengthy traffic build up. However if you are a small household and only need one box, you may present your recycling mixed.
I live in a block of flats - will there be any changes to the items collected?
No - there will be no changes for the foreseeable future (this would be a separate project).​
Will you continue to collect large cardboard (flattened) boxes with bulky item collections?
Yes, this service will continue.
Why can’t I recycle black plastic?
Black plastic is not recyclable and our re-processor does not want it in the mix. Any quantity of black plastic in the mix will reduce the value of the material. Work is taking place within the waste industry nationally, to put pressure on retailers not to produce black plastic containers. For now black plastic will have to be put into the residual waste bin.
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