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Friends of Horsbere Brook Work Days​

Last year seeds were collected by volunteers and planted at Horsbere Brook Flood Storage Area. This year many of the seeds have already begun flowering and we are keen to build on this success. We will be planting seeds collected from Hucclecote Meadows SSSI on the following dates.

  • Friday 15​th September 10 am – 12 - Recycling fence posts – meet in woodland.
  • Friday 20​th October 10 am – 12 - Willow clearance. Meet at pond.
  • ​Friday 17th November 10 am – 12 - Willow clearance and burning. Meet at pond.
  • Friday 15​th December 10 am – 12 - Hedge planting. Meet by main gate or find us in the hedge (on the main track).

Please bring a hand fork or trowel if you have one.​

Horsbere Brook FAS, Barnwood Link Rd, GL4 3HR​

For further information please contact​ or 01452 303206​​​​

​Friends of Hucclecote Work Days

  • ​Friday 8th September 10 am – 12 - Litter picking and trimming path edges. This is the last session before the end of the nesting bird season. We will continue with light works trimming edges of paths which will not be cleared in the winter.
  • ​Friday 13th October 10 am – 12 - Scrub clearing. We will continue with last years project of clearing scrub around the edges of far SSSI fields back to the fenceline. This will limit the loss of grassland to scrub and will make our path clearing summer activities in 2018 less extensive!
  • ​Friday 10th November 10 am – 12 - Hedgerow restoration. We will be working to reweave the new growth on all hedges since their laying. Some areas have suffered from being trampled so we will restore these areas with new stakes and laying and weaving new growth.

Hucclecote Meadows, Lobleys Drive, Abbeymead, Gloucester, GL4 5YG.

Please meet by the main field gate on Lobleys Drive at 10 am or find us in the fields. For further information please contact