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​​​​​​All Parks and Open Spaces​

Select a park or green space from the map below. If you require further information on environmental planning, please visit our Environmental Planning Pages​​.​

Gloucester has a number of neighbourhood equipped play areas in the following locations:​

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Open Space Strategy

The Open Space Strategy for Gloucester (2014-2019) was approved in April 2014. The document sets out information on the city’s parks and open spaces and includes an action plan identifying priorities for shaping and managing the spaces in the future.​


​Grass Cutting Schedule

We are undertaking a trial programme of grass cutting in 2017 that aims to focus resource on the higher visibility routes, main arterial roads and areas into and around the City. This trial commenced on 20th March 2017 and will last for 3 months, after which its success will be reviewed with a view to formally implementing it. During this time the most efficient routes to undertake cutting are being analysed and once formalised will be published in early June 2017.

​​The arterial routes will be cut and strimmed every 2 weeks or 10 working days subject to weather, public holidays or other emergency events. This may increase the time between cuts.

All other grass cutting routes are classed as urban routes and these are the small-medium sized parcels of public open space situated in and around residential areas. These areas will be kept under control through regular less frequent cuts undertaken by more effective cutting machinery. Cutting frequency is every 6 weeks or 30 working days subject to weather, public holidays or other emergency events. This may increase the time between cuts. Strimming on urban routes will take place twice a year and will focus on street furniture such as lamp columns, street name plates and street signs. A longer period between cuts will help achieve savings targets and also provide enhanced habitat for some wildlife, and lead to improved tree health​​​.


​Weed Treatment Schedule

Weed Treatment Schedule​​​

Weed Treatment Schedule - Frequently Asked Questions​

Organising an Event or Booking a Sports Pitch on Council Land

If you want to hold an event or book a sports pitch on land owned by the council please click here

​Small areas of Un-adopted/Un-owned/Un-managed areas of land.

There are small areas of land throughout the City that often as part of the development process have not been taken on by a public body or management company. These areas can become a nuisance because they over grow the highway or indeed someone else’s private property. They may just appear untidy and unkempt.

Sometimes the best way forward is for an individual or community group to take ownership. If this is something you think you may wish to pursue, then please contact the Environmental Planning Manager on 396829 who will be able to advise you on how to go about it. If there is an overriding public safety or highway reason then the City or County Council may take it on, again contact the Environmental Planning Manager for more information.​