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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Pests, Gulls & Infestation​

Please read the following information before reporting a problem.

Gloucester City Council offer a Pest Control service to residents and businesses within the city to eradicate pests at the following charges:-


1st Visit£46£46£52£45
​2nd Visit
(within one month)
£23£23£26 N/A

For houses with five or more bedrooms a free survey and quotation will be required.

Half price concessions apply to residents on Council Tax Support or Housing Benefit.

Business Premises

1st Visit£52£52£63£45
2nd Visit
(within one month)
£27£27£29 N/A

For large premises a free survey and quotation will be required.

All prices for business premises are excluding VAT

* If bees are identified rather than wasps these will not be able to be treated but the fee will still apply.

For other pests a free survey and separate quotation can be offered.

To book a treatment contact Gloucester City Council on 01452 396396 or email

Gloucester City Council Gull programme

The increase in urban gull populations is a national problem and many of the councils along the Severn Estuary have experienced increased numbers of gulls nesting and breeding on roofs in their area.

Since 2001, Gloucester City Council has taken the lead in dealing with this problem by treating the eggs in nests on roofs of businesses in the city.

Currently, our Contractors, Mitie Pest control, remove the eggs and nests from over 150 roofs in the city centre and along the Bristol Road.

In addition, Cory Environmental, who are the operators of Hempsted Landfill Site, will continue to deploy effective deterrents to prevent gulls from using this site as a food source.

Working in partnership with the County Council, The Environment Agency and Cory Environmental, we will continue with the existing programme as the most effective means for us to control the breeding population. The gradual reduction in the number of nests we are encountering would suggest that we are deterring the gulls from the roofs that we are treating.​

Information on how to prevent Gulls from nesting on your roof.