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​​​​Adopted Development Plan

The adopted Local Plan is the Joint Core Strategy (2017) and Gloucester Local Plan (1983) – saved policies

In 2000, the Council began consulting on a new Local Plan for Gloucester. This Local Plan reached the Second Stage Deposit Draft in 2002, and following this, was adopted by the Council for development control purposes. The full documents can be downloaded by selecting the relevant links below.

Joint Core Strategy

Second Stage Deposit of Gloucester Local Plan

For archived policy documents please visit the Archive page.

Local Plan 1983

In light of the adoption of the JCS, and a review of the NPPF, only the following two policies from the 1983 Local Plan are considered relevant:


Relevant Policies from 1983 Local Plan
A1.a Heights of buildings and protection of views
C1.e Site identified at Abbeydale to provide two Primary Schools

Supplementary Planning Documents

The following Supplementary Planning Documents have been adopted by the Council for the purposes of development control.