Public Spaces Protection Order Consultation 2021

Gloucester City Council is reviewing it’s Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) and wants views from local residents, businesses and organisations to help us decide on whether the current PSPOs should be kept in place.

A PSPO places rules on a public place. It can restrict certain behaviours or require people to do certain things. PSPOs are put in place usually when certain behaviours have caused a nuisance to people using or living in that area. An example of behaviour that a PSPO can require is people having to keep their dogs on leads. A PSPO lasts up to three years. They can be extended but must be reviewed beforehand, through consultation with the public and partner agencies.

The Council put three PSPOs in place in 2018 and these are now up for review:

Citywide PSPO – this covers the entire city and states that:

  • Dogs must be kept under control at all times, and put on a lead if requested
  • Dogs are not allowed in children's play parks
  • Dog fouling must be cleaned up
  • Anyone drinking alcohol in a public space must dispose of or hand over their alcohol when requested to do so by an authorised officer, if the request is made in order to stop or prevent a nuisance

City centre PSPO – this covers the city centre including the bus and train stations, Gloucester Park, the Docks and the Quays, Kingsholm Road and Hillfield Gardens and the effect of it is to:

  • Create an alcohol-free zone in the City centre, banning anyone from drinking alcohol in a public space (on the streets, in a park or any other public space) within the city centre area

Organs Alley PSPO

  • This restricts access to the alleyway between Eastgate Street and Russell Street in Gloucester City centre, where nuisance and anti-social behaviour was occurring

We are proposing to extend the duration of the current PSPOs for a further three years (until November 2024) but we need views from residents, people who use our public spaces and partner agencies, to help us decide whether they should continue.

We also need to know whether there are any other behaviours occurring in the City which cause a nuisance and which the Council and partners need to address or consider the use of a PSPO for.

Our online survey will be open for six weeks, from 6th September to 15th October and we welcome and encourage your views.

Draft versions of the proposed PSPOs are here: 

2021 Draft PSPO Citywide - dogs and alcohol

2021 Draft PSPO City centre - alcohol free zone

2021 Draft PSPO - Organs Alley access restriction

The proposed terms of these PSPOs, and the geographical area to be covered by them, are all subject to change depending on the feedback we receive during this consultation. Please take our survey to have your say…

You can find more information on Public Spaces Protection Orders on our webpage here Public Spaces Protection Orders - Gloucester City Council

Budget Consultation 2021-22

Residents are being invited to give their views on one of the most important decisions for the future of the city.

It takes just a few minutes to fill in the survey, which lets the council know what residents feel should be prioritised, when it decides what to invest in services like waste collections, street cleaning, housing and parks.

The council has started the process of setting the budget for 2021/2022, which will be approved in February 2021.

The Council are keen to achieve further efficiencies and savings and identify income opportunities to deliver key services in the face of continuing financial pressures, particularly this year which has seen the Council finances severely impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic.  The long term financial effects of this are not yet known, so it’s even more important that residents have their say on which services they consider to be a priority.

The consultation will close at midnight on Monday 25 January 2021.

Please click here to access the survey

If you would like a paper copy of the survey or have any queries please do contact us -




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