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Current consultations

Current consultations​


The Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan (GCP) was approved for public consultation by the City Council on 26th September 2019, under Regulation 19 of The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012. The Plan has now been published for consultation until Friday 14th February 2020. All comments must be received by 5pm on Friday 14th February 2020.

More information, view consultation documents and respond online: Consultation Home Page

What is the Gloucester City Plan?

Gloucester is a transforming, growing and regeneration City. Together with theJoint Core Strategy (JCS), the Gloucester City Plan (GCP) will continue Gloucester's regeneration journey by providing the development framework to guide the City's future growth up to 2031. It covers a time frame of 15 years between 2016 and 2031.

The GCP delivers the JCS at the local level but will also set out policies that seek to address local issues and opportunities in the City. It will identify where and how new development will taken place to make sure requirements are met, and new developments positively contribute to the City's needs.

It will also set out a framework for managing and enhancing the historic and natural environment such as open spaces, areas of recreation and the historic environment.

The GCP is underpinned by a significant number of evidence studies. Some of these pieces of research are still being undertaken but will be completed before the next stage in the process – Pre-Submission. For more information, view the evidence base pages.

What's happened so far?

The City Council has already written and consulted on several parts of the GCP. These are:

  • The Scope (2011): This consultation set out the context for the Plan and the key issues for Gloucester. It sought views on the types of planning policies that should be included in the Plan and the areas that should be identified for development or protection.
  • City Plan Part 1 (2012): Part 1 took the Scope further, explaining in more detail the issues that Gloucester faces and setting out a number of 'key principles' that the GCP would seek to deliver.
  • City Plan Part 2 (2013): Part 2 focused on the development needs of the City and started looking at potential site allocations as well as a draft City Centre Strategy.
  • Draft Gloucester City Local Plan (2017): Part 3. This draft included the development management policies and the potential site allocations. 

At each stage comments from local residents, businesses, organisations and national bodies have been sought and their views reported in a response report. Copies of the consultation documents, associated documents and response reports can be downloaded below.

Gloucester City Plan: Scope (2011)

City Plan Scope

City Plan Scope Consultation Report - October 2011

Gloucester City Plan: Part 1 - (2012)​

City Plan Part 1: Consultation document

City Plan Part 1: Sustainability Appraisal Statement

City Plan Part 1: Response Report, November 2016

View consultation responses

Gloucester City Plan: Part 2 (2013)​

City Plan Part 2 Consultation Document

Sustainability Appraisal

City Plan Part 2: Response Report

View consultation responses

Draft Gloucester City Plan (2017)

Draft City Plan (Part 3) Consultation Documents

Draft City Plan (Part 3): Response Report

What happens next?​

Responses to the Draft Gloucester City Plan will be collated and considered by officers and where appropriate, policy changes made.  The Plan will then be reworked to form the 'Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan'.  This will then be subject to one further round of public consultation before submitted to the Planning Inspectorate.  This will then be subject to an 'Examination in Public' before it can be adopted by the Council.  The exact timescales for this have not yet been finalised.

Further information

If you would like any further information about Gloucester City Plan please email the Planning Policy and Heritage Team at cityplan@gloucester.gov.uk or telephone 01452 396​ 396.


Budget Consultation 2020/21

Gloucester City Council has begun the process of setting a budget for the 2020/21 financial year.  Final decisions on the budget will be made by the Council in February 2020.

It is important that you tell us how we should spend your money and how you think we should make the savings we need.

One of the most important factors in setting a budget is ensuring that the money we spend matches our priorities.  With this in mind, Gloucester City Council is urging residents and businesses to have their say on the services that are important to them.  This information will contribute to the development of the 2020/21 budget.

The consultation survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. The consultation will close on 3 February 2020.

View consultation online

Download a paper version 

Please return completed consultation survey forms to:

Budget Consultation, Gloucester City Council, PO Box 3252, Gloucester, GL1 9FW

or email to:  budgetconsultation@gloucester.gov.uk

If you'd like a paper consultation form sent to you in the post, please email budgetconsultation@gloucester.gov.uk or phone us on 01452 396 396

Thank you for your time


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