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Annual Canvass 2019

All Councils have a legal duty to review the register of electors each year to ensure that it is as accurate and complete as possible by sending a Household Enquiry Form to every household. This is called the Annual Canvass.

By law, you must complete and return your Household Enquiry Form every year, even if you have not moved house, do not think you will vote or are unsure whether you are eligible to vote.

The canvass runs from August to the end of November.

What do I need to do?

When you receive your form, check that all the names printed on it still live at the property and are spelt correctly.

You can respond to the form by using our dedicated internet, Freephone or SMS text registration services to confirm that there are no changes or inform us of any changes.

Going online to http://www.householdresponse.com/gloucester is the quickest and easiest method. Full instructions will be on your form. You can also request a postal vote application form or change your opt out preference for the open register using the online response method.

You can also respond by Freephone or by text message. Full instructions will be on your form. You can also request a postal vote application form using the Freephone service, but not via the SMS text service.

Please see page 4 of your form for an explanation of the open register.

Alternatively, you can amend the form and return it by post.

If you confirm your details using the online, Freephone or text (SMS) services, there is no need to return the form - unless you discover that you’ve made a mistake and need to tell us.

To register to vote, please visit https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote and follow the simple instructions.

Timetable 2019

  • Annual household enquiry forms will be delivered from 9 August 2019 to all 59,000 households in Gloucester.
  • If you do not respond by the second week of September, a reminder will be sent to your property
  • From mid-October onwards, our canvassers will visit households who have not responded to help people fill out their forms. They may visit on more than one occasion depending on whether you respond.
  • If a canvasser does visit it may mean that, even if you did respond, we have unfortunately not received the information or there may have been an overlap in us receiving your information and producing reminders.
  • If you are out when the canvasser calls they will leave a new form and you can respond using the options outlined above and on the form.
  • The council will publish the new electoral register on 1 December 2019. This will contain the names and addresses of persons eligible to vote in elections. If you do not respond to the canvass, you may be removed from the register.

What is the information used for?

We use the information that householders provide on their forms to:

  • identify potential voters who aren’t yet registered and invite them to apply for registration;
  • check whether current voters continue to be resident;
  • remove the entries of voters who are no longer resident;
  • check that, if no one is currently registered at an address, it is because the property is empty or the residents are either not eligible to vote or registered elsewhere.
  • correct minor errors (e.g. spelling of names)

Help us improve Gloucester City Council

Don’t include personal or financial information like your National Insurance number or credit card details.