Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places

The Council must undertake a compulsory review of the polling districts and polling places within its area every four years. The last review took place in 2019 and the next review must be completed between 1 October 2023 and 31 January 2025. 

On 2 October, we commenced a review of our polling districts and polling places in readiness for the next scheduled elections in 2024. The formal Notice of Review is published here.

The review is designed to see if the polling districts and polling places in Gloucester suit the needs of voters, and includes:

  • polling district boundaries within each ward in the City
  • location of the polling places and stations in each polling district
  • access to each polling station

As part of the review process we:

  • want to make sure all electors in Gloucester have reasonable facilities for voting as are practicable in the circumstances
  • welcome your views on existing polling arrangements, and suggestions for alternatives
  • welcome your views, particularly if you're a disabled resident, as we seek to ensure that polling places are accessible to those who are disabled. We also welcome comments from those with expertise in access for persons with disabilities.

The aim of the review is to make sure:

  • electors have such reasonable facilities for voting as are practicable in the circumstances
  • as far as is reasonable and practicable, polling places are accessible to all electors, and consider the needs of disabled persons

The (Acting) Returning Officer for Gloucester's comments and draft proposals can viewed here.

Public consultation and review timetable

The public consultation ended on 12 November 2023.

The timetable for the review is set out below and a fact sheet is available here.

2 October 2023

Notice of formal review and commencement of public consultation 

By 20 October 2023

Publication of AROs' comments

12 November 2023

End of public consultation period

Date to be confirmed

General Purposes Committee consider proposals and make recommendations to Council

25 January 2024

Council to consider and approve final proposals 

No later than 1 March 2024

Publish revised register of electors

Polling districts and polling stations

The map below shows the current polling district boundaries and location of existing polling stations. A list of polling stations can also be accessed here.

Navigating the map

  • Use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out (alternatively you can use the zoom slide on the bottom left of the map)
  • Left-click the mouse to pan around the map to your chosen location

Layers included on the map

The layers below will turn on or off automatically as you zoom in and out.

  • Ward boundary lines
  • Polling district boundary lines
  • Polling stations

Some polling stations contain more than one polling district, click the circle to find out more information


  • Orange circle - Existing Polling Station
  • Green circle - Proposed Polling Station