Community garden turns over new leaf


Residents are helping to regenerate an overgrown and unloved patch of land to make it into a community garden.

The area known as 'The Rose Garden' on the corner of London Road and Great Western Road is being redesigned and replanted to make it an attractive area for residents who have been working with Gloucester City Council to give the garden a facelift.

The garden will then be maintained by service users from local charity, Emerging Futures, which works with people who are in rehabilitation from alcohol or drugs and who are working to turn their lives around and to become active members of the community. 

James McDermott, Service Manager at Emerging Futures, Gloucester, said: "As engaged members of the Gloucester community, we look forward to working closely with the residents of the area, to ensure that the Rose Garden will be an area of pride and a space for positive community engagement".

Resident Tim Martin of Wellington Parade, said: “We very much hope that closing the garden off to allow redevelopment to start, will be the start of a new era for this part of the city. Residents of the area have been very involved and are delighted to finally see it happening after many months of discussions.”

Councillor Jennie Watkins, Cabinet Member for Communities and Neighbourhoods, said: “We believe in working closely with our residents to find solutions to issues and help them shape the kind of community that they want to live in. 

Councillor Jeremy Hilton, ward councillor for Kingsholm and Wotton added: “Fencing is being erected around the garden to protect the area ahead of remodelling of the rose garden. Shortly, residents of Kingsholm will be consulted on the plans for the area. The new garden, it is hoped, will become an attractive space in a conservation area and an asset to the city.”

A wider consultation and a number of events will be held for local people to see and comment on the plans.