Consultation with Podsmead and Matson Residents set to be launched


A consultation into regeneration in Podsmead and Matson could be set to go ahead if it is given the green light by councillors. 


The consultation, which is being considered at tomorrow’s cabinet meeting, will aim to work closely with residents to get their views on any plans for the area.

The aim is to develop a vision for the estates that will reflect how residents want their communities to develop over the next 20 years.

The move follows the award to Gloucester City Homes of £1.25 million from Government, to look into the potential regeneration of the estates.

As a result draft Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD) were developed for each estate and these documents are intended to create a framework to guide any regeneration and development in the areas.

They include guidance on a variety of subjects such as the design of any new housing and public areas and set out how residents should be involved in any future planning applications to ensure that the community continues to be engaged in any regeneration.

The Council’s consultation will work with local people to get their views on the SPD’s that have been developed and find out if there are any other requirements that they’d like to be considered.

The Council intends to with the local Community Action Groups (CAGs) and any other interested residents initially if the consultation is given the go ahead, to find out how they think it should be run to best engage local people.

Councillor Colin Organ, Cabinet Member for Housing and Planning, said: “These plans will not only look to the future to prepare for what our communities of the future will need but also reflect what residents today believe is important to build a vibrant and well connected community.

“They will also recognise that for any scheme to be successful it is essential that the people who live there have their say because they are the people who know their area the best so it is vey important that residents give their opinions and have their say.”