Annual Electoral Canvass 2020 - don’t lose your voice


Letters and emails will be going out to residents about the 2021 elections with instructions on how to update voters' details.


Residents in Gloucester urged to look out for their voter registration details from Gloucester City Council

Local residents are being warned not to lose their voice on decisions that affect them by making sure their electoral registration details are up to date.

The May 2020 elections were postponed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and with elections now taking place in Gloucester in May 2021, this is an important opportunity for residents to make sure they can take part.

The annual canvass ensures that Gloucester City Council can keep the electoral register up to date, identifying any residents who are not registered so that they can be encouraged to do so. They would then be able take part in future elections.

Jon McGinty, Electoral Registration Officer at Gloucester City Council said: “It’s important that residents keep an eye out for messages from the Council, so we can make sure we have the right details on the electoral register for every address in the City. In May next year, there will be City Council, Police and Crime Commissioner and County Council elections. There will also be elections to Quedgeley Town Council.

"To make sure you are able to have your say at these elections, simply follow the instructions you will receive from the middle of August onwards. “You will receive either an e-mail or letter from Gloucester City Council. If you are not currently registered, your name will not appear in these messages. In order to register, the easiest way is online at, or we’ll send you information explaining how to do this in the post.”

“This year’s canvass, which is a legal requirement for all councils, is taking place during a challenging public health situation. We are continuing to take account of public health guidelines, including the continued importance of social distancing. To help with this, we strongly recommend that, where you need to update any details, you do this online by following the instructions in the messages you receive in order to reduce the need for face to face contact.”

People who have moved recently are particularly encouraged to look out for the voter registration messages from Gloucester City Council and check the details. Research by the Electoral Commission indicates that recent home movers are far less likely to be registered than those who have lived at the same address for a long time. Across Great Britain, 92% of people who have been at their property for more than sixteen years will be registered, compared to 36% of people who have lived at an address for less than one year.

Any residents who have any questions can contact their local registration team at