Play areas improves children’s health and quality of life


Over the past ten years Gloucester City Council have invested over £2million in the construction of new and refurbishment play areas.


Recent research shows that children’s access to play areas can improve their physical and mental health. It increases their self-awareness, self-esteem and self-respect; and gives them the opportunity to mix with other children.

Access to play areas provides children with opportunities for developing social skills and learning, as well as helps to promote their imagination, independence and creativity.

Further benefits include parents feeling more secure knowing their children are happy, safe and enjoying themselves. Play areas also provide the wider community with opportunities for social interaction as well as supporting the development of a greater sense of community spirit.  

Gloucester City Council has increased the frequency of play area inspections and grass mowing to ensure all the play areas remain safe and appealing to local residents.

Cllr Richard Cook, Leader of Gloucester City Council and cabinet member for environment, said: “These investments will provide a stimulating and safe environment for young children in Gloucester. I am delighted that our local communities have been provided with modern play facilities.

“Quality parks and open spaces that offer more inclusive play give all children the opportunity to get out and enjoy some fresh air and healthy activities. We have more than doubled the numbers of play areas and games areas since 2006 and we are extremely proud of this achievement.”

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