Use play equipment safely and protect loved ones


Adults are being asked to ensure they and children follow social distancing guidance as well as taking personal responsibility for their safety when visiting play areas in the city.


Parents and guardians wanting to take children to use play equipment in Gloucester should remind themselves of the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) guidance.

Play areas across the city have been closed since the start of lockdown, but are set to reopen tomorrow (Saturday 4 July).

However, adults should make sure they and children follow guidance to protect themselves and others from catching and spreading Covid-19. In addition, adults are being encouraged to bring their own sanitising wipes and hand gels for them and their children to use before and after touching equipment.

Signs have been put up at the city’s 70+ play areas informing the public of the guidance and any measures they should take to be safe. This includes washing hands before and after using equipment, not touching your face and keeping at least 2 metres away from others outside of your household or bubble. Where 2 metres isn’t possible, 1 metre is acceptable as long as extra safety measures are taken. As well as the guidance, signs will display the maximum number of people allowed in gated play areas if appropriate.

Cllr Richard Cook, Leader of Gloucester City Council, said: “We are really pleased that we will be able to safely reopen play areas and equipment from 4 July, following very thorough risk assessment by officers at the council.

“We will do what we feasibly can to keep these areas safe to use, but the responsibility isn’t ours alone. Parents, carers and guardians need to make sure they’re following the guidance as closely as possible to protect themselves, their loved ones and their communities.

“If we all take personal responsibility and don’t do anything that would risk individual or community health, then the equipment will remain safe to use.”

Anyone displaying symptoms of Covid-19 should not visit play areas and should self-isolate as per NHS and Government guidance.