City Council Move Set to Make Savings


Gloucester City Council is considering plans to move offices to make savings and bring the council into the heart of the city centre.


With its three year lease at Shire Hall due to come to an end in 2022, a proposal is due to come before this month’s Overview and Scrutiny committee and then on to the council’s Cabinet.

The proposals recommend the council move to office accommodation above the council owned Eastgate Shopping Centre which will deliver ongoing financial savings.

Since moving to Shire Hall the council has bought the shopping centre, which means it now has its own office space that could be put to more economic use.

The Eastgate shopping Centre was purchased to assist regeneration in the city and these plans would see this move further support the city centre.

In 2019 the council moved from Herbert, Kimberley and Phillpotts Warehouse in Gloucester Docks in order to free up those buildings so that they could be repurposed to boost the regeneration of the area.

If the proposals go ahead next year it would be expected to contribute to the city centre economy by bringing the spending power of more office workers closer to the centre and could also make the council more visible to its residents.        

The council’s Gateway reception, which is open to the public would remain in its location on Westgate Street.

Councillor Richard Cook, leader of Gloucester City Council, said: “With our three year lease due to expire this is a sensible way we can save money without it impacting our residents. It will not only bring significant savings, making better use of taxpayers’ money, but most importantly bring the council even further into the heart of the city.”