Help us to preserve Gloucester’s history


From the Sherbourne Cinema in Kingsholm to the ‘Ghost Sign’ in Barton, to Llanthony Lock in Hempsted - what makes your city special? Gloucester City Council is asking local residents to nominate buildings, unique landmarks, parks and other heritage assets to be included onto Gloucester’s local list.


The local list provides a record of assets that have special local architectural and historic interest, as well as contribute to Gloucester’s character.

The list also highlights heritage assets that are most at risk through neglect, decay or other threats; therefore helping to preserve Gloucester’s history for future generations.

Once nominations have been received a panel involving members of the local community, local heritage bodies, and the city council will decide whether a nominated asset should be included onto Gloucester’s local list. The panel will then make their recommendations, and Cabinet will provide final approval. 

Ian Edwards, Head of Place at Gloucester City Council, said: “Our city’s heritage is a very important part of our culture. Gloucester’s local list is a rare opportunity to safeguard our local heritage for years to come. The list has the potential to empower local people to choose what buildings and other heritage assets mean the most to them. I would really encourage residents to get involved and let us know their thoughts.”

If you would like to get involved in researching and surveying sites, or to nominate a local asset please contact Nana Pierre at

For more information visit our locally listed sites web page.