Residents urged to use the ‘scrunch test’ for a greener Christmas


Gloucester residents are being urged to use the scrunch test to check whether wrapping paper can be recycled. If it springs back it contains plastic and can’t be recycled.


Paper and Christmas cards covered in glitter are also not recyclable and ribbons, bows and other decorations should be removed before going in the recycling blue sack.

Synthetic (plastic) or foil wrapping paper can’t be recycled because it can’t be used in paper recycling. Wrapping paper and greetings cards containing glitter are an issue because unlike ink that is removed during flotation, glitter is not easy to remove during the paper making process and can end up on the finished paper products.

Residents are also encouraged to make sure they flatten cardboard boxes and remove any polystyrene.

Councillor Richard Cook, leader of Gloucester City Council and cabinet member for Environment, said: “This is the busiest time of year for our recycling and waste teams. Last year, we collected a massive 1,719 tonnes of kerbside recycling during December and this included 496 tonnes of paper and card. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our crews for all of their hard work over what has been another extremely challenging year for them and I’d also like to thank residents for their recycling efforts and helping to decrease black bin waste.”

More information about recycling over the festive period, including ways to dispose of real Christmas trees and changes to collection days over the festive period can be found on the council website.