City Services COVID 19 Secure Risk Assessments

Gloucester City Council suspended some services and activities in March 2020 as a consequence of the COVID-19 Pandemic. As the lockdown is easing and government guidelines are changing, some of those services and activities are able to return.

The City Council is implementing a recovery process which seeks to ensure that when services and activities return, they return in a way that maintains and protects the safety of service users, the public and our staff. In all cases the City Council will comply with Government Guidance and ensure compliance with the COVID-19 Secure Guidance which is available here

Before any service or activity returns, the City Council prepares a comprehensive Risk Assessment. Service Managers are required to consult their staff about the risk assessment and also consult service users, where this is possible and practical. We also consult with Trades Unions. A service or activity will only return when the Risk Assessment has been approved by senior councillors and managers. All approved Risk Assessments are published on the City Council’s Website and they are also available to City Council Staff via our internal staff intranet.

The risk assessments set out below have been through the process described above and have been approved. These services and activities can now resume in a COVID-19 Secure way.

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Risk Assessments

For more information on specific services, please select from the following Risk Assessments:

Blackfriars Covid 19 Risk Assessment  (Staff Return)

Commercial Visits Covid 19 Risk Assessment

Domestic Visits Covid 19 Risk Assessment (Enforcement)

Domestic Visits Covid 19 Risk Assessment (Waste Inspections and Audits)

Former Life Museum Covid 19 Risk Assessment

Guildhall Covid 19 Risk Assessment

Museum of Gloucester Covid 19 Risk Assessment

Shire Hall Covid 19 Risk Assessment

Shopmobility Covid 19 Risk Assessment

Playgrounds Secure Risk Assessment

Phase 2 Risk Assessment - Public Reopening

Parking Enforcement Risk Assessment

On Street Parking Operations

#B2tF – Saba UK Recovery Plan

Property & Asset Management Visits

Planning Site Visits

Amey Office Eastern Avenue

Crematorium Office Coney Hill

North Warehouse Risk Assessment

The Gateway