Council Tax and Council Tax Support

If any resident is struggling financially please contact us for advice on your Council Tax – if you've reduced income you can apply for help with your Council Tax bill via our Council Tax Support scheme. Apply online at My Gloucester

Alternatively, we may be able to change your payment dates (we now offer 4 dates for Direct Debits) or increase the length of time over which you pay your Council Tax, if that might help with budgeting

Your Council Tax

Your council tax pays for essential services to be delivered to all residents in the city, so it is important that you continue to pay if you can.

Council Tax Support

If you have a reduced income you can apply for help with your council tax bill via our Council Tax Support Scheme. Apply online at My Gloucester.

You can also use the government’s benefit calculator to find out if you’re entitled to any further help.

Changes to council tax collection

Please note you can change your payment date to the 1st, 15th, 22nd or 28th of each month if you pay by direct debit to help with budgeting.  You can also choose to pay your council tax over 12 months.

We can offer advice and assistance if you are struggling financially

If you are waiting to hear about a claim to council tax support you should pay what you can afford in the meantime.

If you are having difficulty paying your council tax please contact us to discuss. Please include your council tax reference number in the subject line for example, Account [followed by the reference number] and also include a daytime telephone number, in case we need to contact you.