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Public Health Funerals

Public health funeral information

Where no suitable arrangements have been made, or are being made, for a deceased person who has died in the city, Gloucester City​ Council has a duty to make the necessary arrangements.

In response to Freedom of Information requests relating to public health funerals, the details below fulfil the obligations of section 22 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

The Council is entitled to collect any and all sums of money due to or belonging to the deceased and to sell any belongings in order to help offset the costs of the funeral and expenses. If, the remaining estate is over £500, there are no other bills outstanding and no known next of kin, the Council refers the remaining estate to the Treasury Solicitor. If next-of-kin are traced, we would not deal with the case and would not refer to the Treasury Solicitor.

Bona Vacantia

The Bona Vacantia department of the Treasury Solicitors office administer the estates of persons who die interstate without known kin and collect the assets of dissolved companies and failed trusts.


Treasury Solicitors referrals (Unresolved)

Name Postcode Area Date of Death Referred to Treasury Solicitor
P Carr GL1 11/02/14 Yes
J White GL1 30/05/14 No
H Gerrard GL1 18/06/14 No
A Mitchell GL1 16/08/14 No
I McDonald GL1 18/09/14 No
J A Bevan GL1 23/11/14 No
J Ward GL2 15/12/14 No
N Matthews GL1 17/01/15 No
G Clutterbuck GL1 05/02/15 No
P Rogers GL4 08/03/15 No
B Mosley GL1 07/04/15 No
L Bennett GL1 19/05/15 No
A Toomey GL4 11/05/15 No
​D Amphlett GL2 18/04/15 ​No
E McCarthy GL1 03/02/16 No
K Hooker GL1 03/02/16 No
J Cory GL1 03/03/16 No
C Baughn GL1 16/04/16 No
L Young GL1 14/05/16 No
G Price GL4 16/06/16 No
K Hanneford GL1 04/10/16 Yes
​D Ritchie ​GL1 ​13/06/17


A Hancock GL1​ ​07/03/17


​H McKenzie ​GL1 ​01/08/17


​MJ Carpenter GL1​ ​27/07/17


​L Smith ​GL2 ​03/04/17


​L Weaver ​GL1 ​15/09/17


​DA Cave ​GL1 ​02/09/17


​C Butler GL1​ ​02/10/17


​P Roberts GL5​ ​07/11/17


​S Kane ​GL4 ​03/01/18 ​No



The above information is updated as and when necessary.

In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, names and addresses may have been redacted or withheld under the following two exemptions:

Section 21 - Information accessible to the applicant by other means.

Although Gloucester City Council holds some of the information, it does not accept that it holds the information in its own right, but on behalf of the Treasury Solicitors' Department. Some details of the estate of those persons who have died have been passed onto the Treasury Solicitors' Department can be accessed via the Treasury Solicitors' websites at www.tsol.gov.uk or www.bonavacantia.gov.uk

Section 31(1)(a) - Law enforcement (prevention and detection of crime).

The council will not disclose address details into the public domain where they relate to deceased's properties as it is likely to be unoccupied and might still contain the deceased's personal papers and effects. It is not in the public interest to disclose information relating to empty properties prior to a full and thorough securing of the assets of the estate as undertaken by Treasury Solicitors. Additionally, giving out the names of the deceased taken with other information easily available i.e. the electoral roll, telephone directory entry, internet searches etc. would make identifying properties easy.

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