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Frequently asked questions

Sometimes when we send our Council Tax bills, we receive telephone calls/enquiries asking for certain explanations. Please see below for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Property Bands

The Listing Officer, who is part of the Valuation Office Agency, is responsible for valuing your property and setting the band. If you wish to appeal against the band you will need to contact the Listing Officer at The Valuation Office Agency on 03000 501 501 or visit the Valuation Office Agency website for more information. The amount of Council Tax charged on your current bill will remain payable until we are notified officially, by the Listing Officer, that the band has changed.

Your Bill

There is no set rule as to whose name appears first on the bill. All persons named on the bill are jointly and severally liable for the amount due.

No. Any amounts that you still owe from previous years are treated separately. You should continue to pay these as previously notified.

Generally, the person who is highest in the following lists is liable to pay the Council Tax:

  • Resident freeholder this could be an owner occupier.
  • Resident leaseholder for example an owner occupier who is paying a ground rent.
  • Resident statutory or secure tenant perhaps a council or private tenant.
  • Resident licensee for example the landlord of a public house who lives on the premises.
  • Other resident.  This could be a squatter.
  • Non-resident owner.

Note: Husbands and wives, partners and joint owners are liable to pay Council Tax. The bill will show all the names, although only one bill may be sent.

The owner is liable to pay the Council Tax in the following special cases:

  • House in multiple occupation. This could be groups of bedsits which share washing and cooking facilities
  • Care and nursing homes together with some hostels
  • Convents
  • Some second homes
  • Some vicarages
  • Properties occupied by asylum seekers

Yes, you can. Simply download your e-billing application form to apply.

Consolidated Bills

If you have been associated to more than one property within a financial year, you will receive a consolidated bill. This bill has multiple pages. There are separate pages for each property linked to your account reference number, which detail the charge for each liability. There is also a separate page showing the total amount due and your payment plan.

The top sheet of your consolidated bill is a summary statement. This lists the properties and shows charges, payments and any benefit, discount, relief or exemption adjustments. The total amount due for your account is shown on the top sheet, together with a payment plan.

The account reference number is shown at the top right-hand corner of your bill. If you receive more than one bill with the same account reference number, you should pay the bill with the most recent date.


Please see our information page on payments. A list of payment methods is also shown on the back of your bill.

Your instalments are due on the first of each month. Please be aware that if a payment is late you may be sent a reminder.

Unfortunately, Direct Debit payments can only be taken on the first of each month.

Your payment will be allocated to your account. Please deduct this amount from the first instalment showing on your new bill and pay the balance on the due date. If you want to check that we received the payment, please phone 01452 396 495.

Difficulty Paying

Please contact us on 01452 396 495. Never 'sit on' your debt - we are here to help. We will discuss with you how much and when you can pay. Please remember that this is an important debt. If we have to take extra steps to recover the amounts due, you can be liable for costs. Don’t leave it contact us without delay! 

You can seek independent financial advice from:

Gloucester Citizens Advice Bureau

Gloucester Law Centre

Reductions in your Bill

If you're on a low income (this may include people working part-time, on a low wage, claiming benefits) you may be entitled to Council Tax support.

You must contact us a soon as your circumstances change. Please phone 01452 396 495. We will then send you a revised bill.

Please see our information page on council tax discounts, where you can also download an application form.

People who are aged 18 or over and who live on there own, are entitled to a reduction of 25% on their bill. Please contact us on 01452 396 495.

If you or someone in your house is disabled and can meet certain criteria, you may qualify for a one-band reduction on your bill. Please see our information page on council tax discounts, where you can download an application form.

Unfortunately there is no automatic discount for pensioners. However, if you are on a low income, you may qualify for Council Tax support.


Council tax support

You will need to contact the Benefits Section on 01452 396 440. They will be able to tell you when your application will be calculated. Once the claim has been processed, a notification will be sent to you, explaining how the support has been calculated. You will then receive a revised Council Tax Bill showing your new instalments to pay, if any.

You will have already received a notification letter from the Benefit Section advising you how much Support has been given to you and how it has been calculated. This letter will also tell you the period it relates to. If you have any further enquiries or would like help; please phone the Benefits Services on 01452 396 440.

You may be entitled to Council Tax support, which will reduce the amount you have to pay. You will need to complete a Council Tax/Housing Support application form. For more information please see our information page on Housing Benefit. To find out how your claim is progressing please contact the Benefits Services on 01452 396 440.


Moving house

Please phone 01452 396 495, preferably within 5 days of your move. We will then amend your account and send you a revised bill.

Yes, each local authority must be notified separately

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