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Exemptions for properties

Your property may be exempt from council tax if it is unoccupied and

B - it is owned by and was last occupied for the purpose of a charity (exempt for up to 6 months)

D - the owner/tenant is detained in prison

E - the owner/tenant is receiving personal care permanently in a hospital or residential care home

F - the person liable to pay council tax has died, the property has remained unoccupied since the date of death and probate has not been granted. In some circumstances the exemption may continue for 6 months after probate

G - it is forbidden by law to occupy

H - it is awaiting occupation by a minister of religion

I - the owner/tenant is living elsewhere to receive personal care

J - the owner/tenant is living elsewhere to provide personal care to another person

K - the owner/tenant has moved to become a student

L -  it has become repossessed by a mortgage lender

Q - it is the responsibility of a bankrupt's trustee

R - it comprises a pitch or mooring unoccupied by a caravan or boat

T - is comprises a self contained unit which cannot be let separately from the main property without breaching planning conditions (annexe)

Your property maybe exempt from council tax if it is solely occupied by

M - students in hall of residence

N - other qualifying students

O - members of the armed forces in MOD accommodation

P - members and dependants of visiting forces

S - person(s) under the age of 18

U - the severely mentally impaired

V - people with diplomatic privilege or immunity

W - elderly or disabled relative living in self contained unit of main property (annexe)

To apply for an exemption, please download your application form from the list. If there is no form for your exemption category or you would like further information, please contact us.

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  • Write to us at Gloucester City Revenues & Benefits, PO Box 2017, PERSHORE, WR10 9BJ

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