Council Tax Energy Rebate

Page updated 19 May 2022


On 3rd February 2022, the Government announced plans to support households with rising energy costs, which includes a one-off £150 energy rebate for eligible council tax payers in bands A - D. Government Guidance.

Who will receive the £150 Energy Rebate?

Most households in Council Tax bands A - D will qualify for an energy rebate payment.

If you receive council tax support, single person discount, or pay less than £150 council tax, you will still be entitled to the payment.  The rebate will not need to be repaid.

When will I receive the payment?

All eligible residents will receive their energy rebate payment of £150 or have the amount credited to their council tax account by 30 September 2022.

Residents who pay their council tax by direct debit will receive their energy rebate payment first.

The majority of eligible residents who successfully paid their council tax by direct debit on 01, 15, 22 or 28 April have now received their energy rebate.  We are aware that there are a small number of payments which have not been made, this may be because the bank account name does not match the name on the council tax bill.  We are required to verify your details before payment can be made.  We are working through these claims and will contact residents if we need more information to support your application.

If your first direct debit for council tax is due to be made in May / June, the energy rebate will be issued approximately three weeks after your direct debit payment date.* 

*Please note: where customers pay by direct debit but the bank account name does not match the name on the council tax bill we are required to verify your details before payment can be made. The verification process will take 2-3 weeks and we will contact you if we need more information to support your application.


Please do not telephone or email us to chase your payment, or to ask when payments will be made as dealing with these calls will delay us and cause payments to be made later.  We are processing energy rebate payments as quickly as we are able.

This page will be updated with full details, and regularly updated, as the energy rebate payments are made. 

What if I don't pay my council tax by direct debit / am in receipt of council tax support?

Council taxpayers where the council does not hold a current direct debit instruction.  Details of how to apply and a short application form for the energy rebate will be published here shortly.

Discretionary Funding

The council has been allocated some discretionary funding to provide support to other energy bill payers who are not eligible for the main scheme.  This could include households living in property valued in bands E - H that are in receipt of income related benefits.  Discretionary scheme payments will be made by 30 November 2022.

We are working on a policy for the discretionary scheme and will publish details on this page once it is finalised.

What if my bank account is overdrawn?

Please click here for further details about first right of appropriation.

What if I receive a rebate and I am not entitled?

If an energy rebate has been paid in error, the council will recover any overpaid energy rebate payments.

If you believe you have received an energy rebate in error, you must contact the council immediately on 01452  396396 or email - please include the word 'Energy Rebate' and your council tax reference number which will begin with 03 in the subject line.  

The Government will not tolerate any council taxpayer falsifying their records or providing false evidence to gain Council Tax Energy Rebate.  Anyone who provides false information or makes false representations in order to benefit from the Council Tax Energy Rebate schemes may be guilty of fraud under the Fraud Act 2006.

How to check the council tax band for your property?

The council tax band is shown on your council tax bill to the left of the charge details.  If you are unsure please click here and it is point 6 on 'your council tax bill explained'

You can also check your council tax band on the government website.  Details about this and how to appeal your council tax banding can be found here.    

IMPORTANT NOTE - you must continue to make payments towards your council tax as billed.  Failure to do so may result in reminder notices being issued.

The easiest was to pay your Council Tax is by direct debit - you can set one up a direct debit by clicking on the link below.

Set up a direct debit for Council Tax 

More information about support for energy bills can be found in the government leaflet and the government factsheet.  



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