Overgrown vegetation on public land or highways

What you need to know

  • we have a cutting schedule to maintain vegetation in parks and on public land once the grass cutting has finished for the year, generally between October and March. 
  • we do not cut back all vegetation every year. Sometimes it may be beneficial to wildlife and local biodiversity to leave vegetation growing on an open space.
  • we do not cut back vegetation overhanging your property. You're legally allowed to cut vegetation back to your boundary line. We recommend only cutting vegetation such as hedges or brambles between September and March as this is outside the main breeding season for nesting birds 

How to report

You can only use this service to report overgrowing vegetation that is (one of the following):

  • blocking access to a footpath or cycleway
  • blocking visibility at a road junction or covers a highway sign
  • significantly overhanging a footpath or cycleway which may cause injury

Report overgrown vegetation 

What happens next 

We will make an assessment within 10 days on what action to take. 

If we are responsible for cutting back the vegetation we will:  

  • cut it back as a priority if your report meets one or more of the above criteria
  • cut it back as part of our normal cutting schedule between October and March if not classed as a priority 

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