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University and Plock Court

Riparian amelioration and habitat improvements

Plock Court and University Grounds

This area is being delivered by the University of Gloucestershire

There are 4 key areas to this site

  • A: allotments footpath
  • B/C: Plock Court Fields
  • D: University Garden
  • E: Business School Garden

Location of works

ERDF UGs01 Plock Court and UoG


May 2020:

Area B/C - sections of Plock Court are in bloom this time of year and offering some fantastic sights for users.   The following photographs refer to the section along the Wotton Brook in Plock Court.

ERDF UGs01 Plock Court ERDF UGs01 Plock Court Path

October 2019:

Area A - works include improvement and fence repairs.  In order to provide and improve natural habitat, native hedgerows have been planted where these works have been undertaken.


Area B/C - sees a significant change where the banks of the Wotton Brook have been cultivated in preparation for wildflower seeding.  These areas will be seeded before the end of the year.

Area D - sees similar ground preparation with regards to wildflower seeding with additional works to provide a small wetland area adjacent to the Wotton Brook.


Area E - is being completed following phase 1 activity carried out earlier this year.  The ground is in the process of being prepared for wildflower seeding.

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