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Wotton Brook

Riparian restoration plus associated habitats

Located within Hucclecote and Barnwood Wards

There are several locations of works proposed covering Barnwood Park, Appleton Way, Porchester Road and Coney Hill. The intended works at these locations are as follows: -

At Barnwood Park we intend to create wetland areas within the balancing pond.  The wider area will be subject to meadow creation and planting which will be maintained accordingly.

In the existing balancing pond at Appleton Way we plan to have wetland area scrapes with the location benefiting from wildflower meadow creation and tree planting.  Improvements to access are planned to allow maintenance vehicles access and egress.

A new drainage strategy is to be created along a small section of Porchester Road. This will divert road run-off into a swale before discharging into the Wotton Brook. This will improve water quality and reduce flood risk. The local green space will be cultivated for wildflower meadow creation with a mown path for pedestrian access.

The balancing pond at Coney Hill will be subject to partial clearance of the existing tree and vegetation in preparation for wildflower meadow creation and native tree planting.

Clock Tower balancing pond and surrounding area is proposed to be partially cleared to allow for wildflower meadow and native tree planting.

ERDF UGs04: Wotton Brook


June 2020:

We are pleased to announce that works are able to start at these sites following the on-going Covid-19 restrictions.  Appleton Way and Barnwood Park are scheduled to start this month.  Site notices have been put up and a localised letter drop was carried out to keep residents informed.

Drawings for Appleton Way are presented below.

Appleton Way BP planting M5 green corridor planting

Following comments from the public we have now reduced the coverage of the wildflower meadow in Barnwood Park.  The area under the existing rugby posts will be approximately 60m² of amenity grass.

Porchester Road area is scheduled to mid June.  The aims of the works here are to reduce the risk of flooding by creating swales to aid with the highway drainage and improve the habitat for wildlife and pollinators with the introduction of wildflower meadow, bird boxes and native bulb and tree planting.

The latest drawings for Porchester Road are below.

ERDF UGs04 Porchester Road Planting

March 2020:

Here are answers to the most common questions asked about the Urban Greening project at Barnwood Park.

Will there be open grass areas?  A large area surrounding the existing rugby posts is to be retained as 'amenity grass' with the overall wildflower meadow cut short twice a year.

Are any paths being kept?  Within the wildflower meadow we will provide several mown paths that replicate the current routes and desire lines observed on site.

Will we be able to bring our dogs?  There are no plans to exclude dogs from the basin site.  The proposal provides a much more interesting, varied and pleasant landscape that will improve everyone's visit, including dogs.

February 2020:

In this month we will be carrying out localised tree and vegetation clearance works across the various sites.  The following sketch shows the proposed works for the Barnwood Park site that comprises wildflower meadow and wetland habitat creation.  Two new benches are proposed to allow visitors to take in the dramatic colours of the meadows when they are in full bloom.

Barnwood Park Urban Greening proposalERDF Barnwood Park Urban Greening proposal

Design of the other sites is still underway, drawings will be posted as soon as they become available.

October 2019:

Design work for all these sites is currently underway.  When ready, details will be posted on here.

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