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We can investigate light nuisance complaints from people who live in Gloucester City only. Light pollution is best described as artificial light that is illuminating areas not intended to be lit. It is intrusive and referred to as the “trespass” of light.

The light nuisance must be substantial (for example; preventing you from sleeping). We cannot take action if normal levels of artificial light shines onto your property.

Most commonly reported complaints are from lighting being installed poorly in both commercial and domestic properties. However some commercial properties are exempt which are detailed below under 'types of premises exempt'.

Before you report a complaint against your neighbour, we advise you to speak to them as they may not be aware of the light troubling you. Your neighbour will certainly be upset if they hear of a complaint from the council so do approach them first by politely requesting;

  • moving or partially shading the light
  • fitting an infra red sensor
  • using a lower wattage bulb as they are much cheaper and far more efficient.

If your neighbour is unwilling to take action then please report it to us on 01452 396 396 or email

How can I avoid causing light pollution?

  • Do not fit unnecessary lights.
  • Do not use excessively bright lights. A 150 watt tungsten halogen lamp is quite adequate, and 300 or 500 watt bulbs are too powerful for domestic security lighting.
  • Do not leave lights on when they are not needed. Consider controlling lights with passive infra-red detectors, make sure that they are correctly aligned and installed. For a porch light that is going to be left on all night, a nine watt compact fluorescent lamp is normally adequate.

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