Please read the following information before reporting a problem.

Complaints we deal with​

You can report the following noise complaints to the council:

Before you make a complaint

You should first try to resolve the problem early on by talking to whoever is responsible for the noise. You may be able to speak with your neighbour and resolve the issue without having to make a formal complaint. Involving the Council with a view to legal action should normally be a last resort.

Before going down the formal complaint route The Problem Neighbours website has some useful advice on how to do this.

How to make a noise complaint

You can make a complaint about noise in the following ways:

  • email
  • Phone us on 01452 396 396
  • write us at Gloucester City Council PO Box 3252, Gloucester, GL1 9FW

What happens after I make a complaint?

We will normally send you a log sheet to record details of the noise with dates and times. This helps us to investigate your complaint. You must return the log sheet within three weeks of the complaint or we will not proceed any further.

If your complaint is within normal working hours your Case Officer will provide you with a response telephone number which you call to request an officer visit your property to assess the disturbance.

If you are affected outside office hours electronic recording equipment may be installed in your property after returning the noise logs providing your Case Officer judges the complaint actionable.

We will also write to the person or organisation you are complaining about to tell them a complaint has been made.

If the noise continues after they have received the letter and an officer has witnessed in person or the disturbance has been recorded using the Council owned equipment and there is evidence that a statutory nuisance exists, we will serve a notice for the noise to stop or be reduced. If this is ignored we can prosecute. We can also obtain a warrant from a magistrate, where appropriate, to seize noise making equipment.

What if the council cannot investigate my noise complaint

If your Case Officer cannot find evidence of a nuisance, they will advise on how you can take action yourself in the Magistrate’s Court. Alternatively, where you have subsequently been informed by your Case Officer that the noise complained about is not actionable under Statutory Nuisance your Case Officer will provide you with details of your local policing team who may be able to assist you with issues of anti-social behavior or any other organisation that might be able to help.

Can I make an anonymous complaint?

Yes, but be aware that our action will be limited to writing to the alleged offender. We will not be able to take any enforcement action because the law requires us to assess the impact of noise on the complainant.

We do not have any legal powers to deal with:

  • children playing
  • anti-social behaviour inside or outside domestic properties
  • rowdy behaviour in public places
  • traffic and aircraft noise

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