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What happens to your waste and recycling?


The recycling waste does not go to landfill. Your recycling is sent off for processing at various plants. Examples of what it becomes :-

Gl​ass– b​ecomes another bottle or jar.

Paper – is recycled back into newspaper and magazines. ​It can also be shredded to make animal bedding and packing materials.

Ti​ns - Metal can be recycled with no loss of quality and can be used to make anything from a plane to a fridge or even another can.​

Plastics - Plastics can be made into a range of products such as bin liners, carrier bags, sewer pipes and even fleece jackets.​

Carto​ns – the various materials that make the cartons are separated into paperboard, aluminium and polymers and recycled into items such as cardboard and construction panels. Visit theAce-uk website for more information.

​Aerosols – the steel and aluminium is recycled to make items such as cans.​​

Cardboard – recycled back into corrugated cardboard.

Food waste - ​You can also reduce the amount of waste to landfill by using your weekly food waste caddy or by signing up for the garden waste ​service.

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