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July is “Focus on Foodwaste" month in Gloucester City.  We are asking our residents to think about the food they buy to avoid waste, make sure they cook up their leftovers and then recycle the bits that cannot be used. 

Every household has some food waste and whether it is chicken bones, stale bread, used tea bags or leftovers from your plate, no amount is too small to put into your brown food caddy.

The average family in the UK throws away £70 of edible food every month, we want you to help us fight the climate crisis and save money at the same time. 

Every day we will post a recipe for leftovers on our social media and our team of recycling officers will be working in your neighbourhoods.  If you see us and have any questions about recycling please stop us and have a chat.  Together we can make a difference.

#FocusOnFoodWaste   #LoveFoodHateWaste


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