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Your questions answered

What's changed?

We now need residents to use 2 green recycling boxes:

  • one for glass bottles and jars only
  • the other box(es) for plastics, tins, foil, cans, aerosols and cartons 

Use your blue sack:

  • for all paper, card and cardboard

We'll no longer be collecting batteries or textiles and we're introducing a new service to collect small household electrical items.

Why have you changed the recycling service?

We're changing your service for a number of reasons:
  1. Paper and Cardboard – since the recycling service began in early 2017, global markets influenced by China have changed and demand for better quality materials which can be processed here in the UK are now a priority for us. Collecting mixed papers and card which can be baled together in Gloucester, will ensure our recyclable material is in high demand here in the UK.
  2. Glass – is often associated with contamination in the recycling industry. Small fragments of glass get mixed in with other materials we collect and could lead to that bale not being recycled.
  3. Aerosols – we've had 3 fires at our depot in the last 12 months caused by aerosols. As they're made of aluminium they are a good material to recycle but they must be empty before going in your recycling boxes.
  4. Batteries – batteries are a known ignition source and we must eliminate any risk of explosion and fire in our recycling facility. All major supermarkets have a provision in store to recycle batteries and for this reasons we'll no longer collect them in your kerbside service.
  5. Textiles – we collect a large amount of textiles that could be reused instead of recycled. Please take good quality clothing to charity shops. For clothing not suitable for re-use there are clothes banks around the city that you can use. We've decided to no longer collect this material because once wet, it's no longer recyclable and is impossible to keep dry in wet conditions when collected from the kerbside.

Why are you recycling small household electrical items?

Small Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) is currently the fastest growing waste stream. As technology evolves at such a fast pace, older electrical items are often made redundant. These items such as mobile phones, contain valuable plastics and metals which can be recycled and turned into new products.

What small electrical items can I recycle?

We'll take any of the following:

  • small kitchen appliances (for example toasters, kettles, food blenders, coffee machines)
  • small home appliances (such as irons, fans, radios, lamps, clocks, DVD players)
  • personal care/grooming appliances (including shavers, electric toothbrushes, hair dryers, curlers or straighteners)
  • small electrical DIY tools
  • cameras
  • games consoles
  • tablets/e-readers
  • laptops/ laptop chargers
  • fairy lights, solar-powered lights
  • children’s electronic toys (such as remote control cars)
  • plug in/digital clocks
  • watches
  • calculators
  • torches
  • remote controls
  • radios
  • mini hi-fis
  • MP3 player
  • cassette players

Why should I sort my recycling?

We provide city residents with a kerbside recycling collection, it’s only the crew’s responsibility to ensure your recycling is collected. We ask residents to sort recycling so there isn’t any contamination and we'll have a higher quality product. It will help assist the crews move faster through your road and will also mean less spillage as the recycling will be sorted and crews can empty each box straight into the compartment on the vehicle.

How many recycling boxes can I have?

You can have up to 4 boxes. Glass must be put in a separate box. Plastic, tins, foil, aerosols and cartons (tetra) should be put in the other boxe(s). Please make sure plastic bottles are squashed and foil scrunched up.

How many blue sacks can I have?

You can have up to 2 sacks. Only cardboard, card and paper should go in the sack. Please make sure cardboard is broken down to fit inside the sacks as it will not be collected if it's not in the sack.

How many brown food waste caddies can I have?

You can have 1 small kitchen caddy and up to 2 large outdoors caddies. Only food waste should go in the brown caddies.

Will the crew return if my recycling is not sorted?

No. We need to work with residents to make they're using the recycling service correctly to make the service as efficient as possible. This is done by making sure the right materials are presented in the right containers and then are emptied straight into the right compartment on the recycling truck by the crew.  This will enable the council to provide better quality recycling and keep costs down, which we know is important to our residents.

Why can’t I leave additional recycling in a plastic bag?

In the past we've allowed additional recycling to be presented in carrier bags. Unfortunately, in many cases we also found non-recyclable waste inside the bags and it could not be recycled. We encourage you to order an additional box, even if it's not used every week.

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