Posters in the Park

Paints and pens at the ready! Enter our Help Stop Littering! Poster Design Challenge

Gloucester City Council is launching a new poster competition as part of Keep Britain Tidy’s Love Parks Week.

The Council is inviting children aged between 5 and 11 to come up with designs to remind people to put litter in a bin or take it home.

Keep Britain Tidy  says ‘today’s young people are the key to eliminating litter and ending waste for now and for future generations’. And so we want you to help us remind people not to litter in our streets, parks and open spaces.

Two winners will each receive a prize and have their posters displayed in parks and other places this summer.

How to enter

Draw your design on an A4 piece of paper – it needs to be the tall way up.

You need to use one of our key messages in your design:

  • Don’t drop litter, use a bin
  • Take your litter home to recycle
  • If the bin is full, take your litter home
  • Leave nothing but footprints

Download and print a copy of the entry form and send it along with your poster by email to or by post to:

Waste, Recycling and Streetscene Team
c/o Ubico Depot
81 Eastern Avenue

Entries received by post must be sent flat, rather than folded or rolled. 

Entries must be received by 5pm on Friday 12 July 2024. All entrants must attend school in Gloucester City. 

Full terms and conditions are included on the entry form.

Help keep Gloucester clean and litter free!

Littering occurs on our streets, parks, and open spaces, costing the UK millions of pounds to clean up every year. It looks unsightly and ruins people’s enjoyment of our local areas. We want Gloucester residents to be proud of where they live, eliminating litter now and for future generations.

5 reasons not to litter:

1. It makes the place you live look uncared for. We all want to live somewhere nice and enjoy our parks and open spaces without having to look at litter.

2. People and animals can cut themselves from certain types of litter, such as cans and glass.

3. Litter endangers wildlife; animals may eat something that gets trapped in their stomach or is toxic to them, and small animals get stuck and entangled in litter. 

4. Litter does not clean itself away and cleaning up after people who drop litter costs millions of pounds each year. More than two million pieces of litter are dropped in the UK every day!

5. Finally, it’s illegal! You can be fined for dropping litter.

For more information, visit Love Parks Week