IT system disruption

Due to a cyber incident which has affected some of our IT systems there is currently disruption to some systems and services. We are working hard to address this and to minimise the impact on customers.

For further information please view our cyber incident page
Energy bills rebate

For more information about the Energy Rebate scheme, please click below.

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Early bin collection start times this week: 10th, 11th & 12th August

Due to the very high temperatures expected this week, waste and recycling crews will start earlier on Wednesday 10th, Thursday 11th and Friday 12th August. This arrangement is for the safety of crews, reducing the time they will be out in extreme heat. Please put bins and containers out the night before as long as safe to do so, or by the earlier time of 6:00am.

We will provide a further update if these arrangements need to continue. Please let friends, neighbours and family know if this change affects them

Gloucester City Council


Support for Ukraine

Gloucester City Council stands with the people of Ukraine and we are doing all we can to support Ukrainians who are having to leave their homes following the invasion.


Gloucester urban greening project

The council has secured funding to improve/create around 250 hectares of habitat across a number of sites in Gloucestershire


#Gloucester Lottery

A lottery supporting Gloucester