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Registration Information for Tattooing, Semi-permanent makeup, Cosmetic Piercing, Acupuncture and Electrolysis

Piercing, Tattooing, Semi-permanent makeup  microblading), Acupuncture and Electrolysis Information

Certain forms of beauty treatment in Gloucester need to be registered with the council. Both personal and premises registrations are required for the practice of: 

  • acupuncture

and the business of: 

  • semi-permanent skin colouring
  • microblading
  • cosmetic piercing
  • electrolysis

On receipt of a valid application, a premises and/or personal registration will be issued. New registrations are normally visited to check compliance with the byelaws and address any public health risks

Make an application or change an existing registration

You will need to complete both a Personal and Premises Registration form.  The fee from April 2019 until the end of March 2020 is £120 for the premises application and £120 for the personal application. The Premises Application form can be found here and the Personal Application form is here

Choosing registered persons and premises

All the above services are required to be registered. Registered businesses and operators must comply with the adopted bylaws and Health and Safety Legislation to ensure the cleanliness of premises and the sterilization of equipment used in procedures which involve piercing the skin. 

Both persons and premises are required to clearly display their registration certificate and a copy of the byelaws. Certificates should therefore be looked for before using a registered activity. 

We recommend businesses follow guidance and operators become members of professional organisations. 

If you use the services of any, "body" practice you should ask to see their qualifications, find out about their experience and judge any design capabilities for yourself.  You might also ask to see their insurance policy, good practitioners often display it.

Further information on Microblading

Microblading is just another type of tattooing but is principally used to enhance natural eyebrows.  As with tattooing if it is not carried out in the right way, for instance the same blade is reused for separate customers, it can cause localised infections or transmit serious diseases such as Hepatitis B. An information leaflet has been published the the NHS.  This can be viewed by clicking here   

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