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    Tales from the Moon & Other Worlds...

    An interactive adventure through the fascinating history of the moon for the whole family to enjoy! From the ancient gods and goddesses, to renaissance astronomers, we'll take a closer look at what they all thought about Moon, through games, stories and activities!


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    Tales from the Moon & Other Worlds...

    Performance storytelling lifts off at the Museum of Gloucester on Tuesday 13 August when Chloë of the Midnight Storytellers entertains visitors with four shows of Tales from the Moon & Other Worlds...


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    Potter Room Art Sessions announced!

    On 10 July, join artist Wendy Golding to create a beautiful Hare and Moon painting in a variety of mediums. Then on 14 August, join us for a very special acrylic pouring session to make your very own Moon! Your work will also be exhibited at the museum in our Community Gallery through the Moon season...


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    The Moon Exhibition has launched!

    Get a little closer to our nearest neighbour with The Moon Exhibition at the Museum of Gloucester this summer! Running from Saturday 29 June to Saturday 21 September, make sure you don’t miss this wonderful exhibition at the museum, in the 50th anniversary year of the Moon landings…

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    Museum of Gloucester is now FREE!

    ADMISSION IS FREE! Remember, admission to the museum and its collection is now FREE, so why not take a look!

    (Some exhibitions will incur a small charge...)

    The Museum of Gloucester is open daily, Monday to Saturday 10am-5pm.


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    Relocation for City’s Tourist Information Centre

    From 1st April the Tourist Information Service TIS, which has won a series of awards, has relocated to the Museum of Gloucester in Brunswick Road. Entry to the museum will now be FREE, although special exhibitions will incur a small charge.

Countdown to the Moon exhibition...

The Moon exhibition lasts for another...
Get a little closer to our nearest neighbour...