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Museums Re-Brand

The City Museum and Folk Museum are being rebranded to give them a fresh new look. We have seen presentations from a number of agencies and chosen the four that we like. There is now an opportunity for visitors to the museum to have their say. Ideas for fonts, logos and colour palettes from each of the four agencies will be on display in the foyer of the City Museum where visitors will be able to look at them and score each one from 1 to 4 (4 being the one liked the most, 3 being the second choice, 2 the third choice and 1 being the one liked the least).

Please note that the name changes suggested by the agencies are not part of this consultation. These will be decided at a later date, and will be part of a further consultation.

The ideas boards will be on display at the City Museum from today until Saturday 28th November.​​

Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Fees

Gloucester City Council are currently consulting on their Hackney Carriage and Private Hire fees​.

The consultation ends on 11th December 2015. Any objections to the proposed variation may be made in writing to Gillian Ragon, Head of Public Protection, Herbert Warehouse, The Docks, Gloucester or

Mobile Catering Units

Gloucester City Council is currently consulting on an interim planning policy on Mobile Catering Units. View the draft policy and make comments.

Council Tax Support

The Council is considering a change to its local Council Tax Support scheme from April 2016 on.

Council Tax Support helps residents with low incomes to pay their council tax. This change would be to keep the scheme in line with proposed changes in the housing benefit rules, and to keep the scheme simple to administer.

This change would be to remove the "family premium" in Council Tax Support (CTS) for new CTS claims made after April 2016, and for existing claims with a new birth after April 2016.

The family premium is a weekly amount of money which is part of the "applicable amount" of a person claiming Council Tax Support.  An applicable amount is the weekly amount of money a person is treated as needing to live on when we work out how much CTS he or she is entitled to. As well as the family premium, if a person has dependent children then his or her applicable amount will also include other amounts to take account of the fact that having children means a person needs extra money to live on each week; there is no proposal to change those other amounts.

If we make this change it would affect customers making new claims for CTS after April 2016, and customers who are already claiming but who have a baby after April 2016.

Details of the change in Housing Benefit have not yet been announced by the Government, however, so we cannot be sure who the change will affect at the moment.

We would like to hear from you about this – please email us by 7 December 2015 at to tell us your view.​​

Community Infrastructure Levy Consultation

The JCS authorities are currently consulting on Preliminary Draft Charging Schedules. To view the consultation documents and to make comments click here.

​Have Your Say​​

If you have ever wanted to make your views heard, but simply don’t have the time to attend public meetings or events, our free email alerts service will help keep you connected and updated on the things that matter to you and will enable you to have your say on a variety of issues and topics within Gloucester. Please sign up here.

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