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Cladding Unattractive Facades Consultation

A number of prominent sites in Gloucester city centre are set to undergo a makeover to improve their appearance.

Gloucester City Council is planning to make improvements to a number of buildings within the city centre which have been identified as being unattractive and in need of modernization. These changes will improve the character and appeal of the city centre gate streets for visitors, as well as being an attractive new addition to the city for many years to come.

Gloucester is hosting four matches of the Rugby World Cup tournament and it is hoped that re-cladding a number of sites will add further vibrancy to the City Centre.

The side of the Kings Walk Centre which faces Boots on Eastgate Street, and the ‘Heart FM’ concrete link bridge over Eastgate Street are two of the main sites which the city council is targeting. Gloucester City Council is funding the project using money from its City Centre Investment Fund, which is the result of the sale of land to Tesco at St. Oswald’s. It is hoped the work will begin next spring if planning permission is granted.

The upper section of the buildings above Paddy Power bookmakers and B&M shop in Southgate Street are also set for improvements as part of the project along with the exterior of Longsmith Street car park.

Leader of Gloucester City Council Councillor Paul James said: “This is an exciting and important project which will improve the appearance of a number of prominent city centre buildings ahead of the Rugby World Cup matches we will very proudly host next year. We hope the new designs will be a nice touch for our visitors and be appreciated by Gloucester residents who can enjoy these improvements in the longer term.”

Gloucester architectural practice Astam has produced a range of computer generated images (CGIs) to show the range of designs available to improve the buildings. These include a timber effect and Chameleon panel system for Kings Walk and a mirrored stainless steel cladding system for the link bridge.

A final decision on the designs is expected in the coming weeks. Details of the designs are as follows.

Kingswalk Centre

1) A ‘Chameleon’ Rockpanel cladding panel system, which actually changes colour depending on the angle at which the building is viewed. The colour ranges from a pink through grey to a green. Fascade 1 Fascade 2

2) A green-coloured cladding panel system which uses a range of similar colours, but varying panel sizes to add variety and interest. Fascade 1 Fascade 2

3) A timber-effect option which uses narrow angled panels to produce a flowing effect, with texture and some colour variation, which follows the form of the building. Fascade 1 Fascade 2

4) A concrete or stone-effect panel system which uses a light grey and pink range of colours, with some texture and a variety of panel sizes. Fascade 1 Fascade 2

Link Bridge

1) A mosaic cladding panel system, which uses a grey palette of colours with a number of accent colour panels, which could link with the branding colours for the Kingswalk building. Fascade 1 Fascade 2

2) A mirrored stainless steel cladding system, which makes the existing concrete structure disappear while also creating a modern and distinctive landmark. The underside of the bridge would reflect people below and become an interactive public art feature. The slightly darker middle panels show where mirror glass could be installed to let light into the space inside the bridge. Fascade 1 Fascade 2

3) A variation on the mirrored approach above, using a curved and flowing reflective material. Fascade 1 Fascade 2

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Draft Markets Strategy

Gloucester City Council is currently consulting on its Draft Markets Strategy. The council recognises the importance Markets play in society and with this in mind have produced a Draft Markets Strategy. The consultation period closes on 12th December 2014. To view the Draft Markets Strategy click on the following link.

Draft Markets Strategy

We have produced a consultation questionnaire which gives you an opportunity to comment on the Draft Markets Strategy.

Consultation questionnaire.

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