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Playing Pitch Strategy Consultation

The City Council is consulting on a draft Playing Pitch Strategy for Gloucester. It’s about making sure there are enough pitches of the right type to provide for the community. The closing date is Monday 2nd November. To find out more and make comments please click here.

Draft Revised Licensing Policy Statement

The Licensing Act 2003 requires the Council to review their Licensing Policy Statement in relation to its duties under the Act. The Licensing Policy Statement must be reviewed every five years.

Gloucester City Council’s current Licensing Policy Statement will expire in January 2016.

We have assessed our current Licensing Policy Statement and have tidied up some of the original wording, deleted parts that are outdated and no longer relevant and incorporating new legislation and guidance. The changes to the wording are shaded red in the Draft Licensing Policy Statement.

As part of the consultation process Gloucester City Council wishes to seek the views of those who may be affected by or have an interest in the policy.

Here is the draft Licensing Policy Statement in full

Should you wish to make any comments on the draft Licensing Policy Statement please do so by Tuesday 24th November 2015 via email to or in writing to:-

Licensing Team
Public Protection
Gloucester City Council
Herbert Warehouse
The Docks
​ Gloucester

All responses received will be considered by the council before any changes are approved and implemented.

Budget Consultation 2016/2017

Gloucester city council wants your views to help inform decisions when it comes to setting its budget for 2016/2017.

Since 2013/14 the council has delivered a further £4.7m savings on top of earlier budget reductions.  This has been delivered through reductions in expenditure, service efficiencies and increased income generation.

For example:-

  • Made on-going savings on Management & Staffing costs
  • Shared services with other Councils
  • Achieved better deals on goods and services that it buys
  • Increased income
  • Made savings in back office services to minimise the impact on front line services.

The council will continue to be as efficient as possible, but further government funding reductions means it needs to save another £3.5m over the next 5 years.

Gloucester City Council collects Council Tax on behalf of organisations shown in the table below, but it only receives 12% of the total to run the council.  For every £1 collected it is shared as follows:-

Gloucestershire County Council73.95p
Gloucestershire Police Authority13.81p
Gloucester City council12.24p

The City Council has frozen its share of the council Tax bill for the last six years.  That means in 2015/16, its part of the Council Tax bill is still the same as it was in 2010/11 at £180.42 for an average Band D household.

Councillor David Norman, Gloucester City Council's Cabinet Member for Performance and resources said: "The challenge to deliver quality services to our residents and businesses continues as central government funding of local authorities reduces.  Your views are important in informing the Council in making these important decisions."

Thanking you in advance for your time in completing the Budget Consultation Survey.​

Shopmobility Consultation on future provision of Gloucester Shopmobility Service

We are seeking stakeholder views on the future provision of Glouceste​r Shopmobility Service.  The feedback will be used to help the Council make a decision regarding the options available.

The service is currently wholly funded and run by the City Council, with a net cost of around £57,000 p.a.  As part of the Council budget this Service is tasked with making a saving of £50,000.

Running alongside the consultation process the council is undertaking a "Soft Market Test".  In conjunction with the public consultation this will also be used to inform the council on possible interested parties and provide ideas on the future provision of the service.

The council is also holding a consultation event at GL1 on 20th August 10.00 till 12.00 where you can ask questions and comment on the future provision of the service.

You can complete the Consultation Questionnaire​, or write to Jeff Thomas, Public Protection, Herbert Warehouse, The Docks, GL1 2EQ or email with your comments.​

Community Infrastructure Levy Consultation

The JCS authorities are currently consulting on Preliminary Draft Charging Schedules. To view the consultation documents and to make comments click here.

​Have Your Say​​

If you have ever wanted to make your views heard, but simply don’t have the time to attend public meetings or events, our free email alerts service will help keep you connected and updated on the things that matter to you and will enable you to have your say on a variety of issues and topics within Gloucester. Please sign up here.

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