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Christmas Light​s Consultation​​

We are seeking residents views to see which one you feel best fits within the street scene. The feedback will be used to inform the Cabinet Members when they make their decision. ​View the Christmas Light Options​ and please email your preferre​d choice, in 1st, 2nd and 3rd preference, to ​

Consultation - Gambling Draft Statement of Principles

The Gambling Act 2005 requires the Council to publish and review a Statement of Principles in relation to its duties under the Act. The Statement of Principles must be reviewed every three years.

Gloucester City Council’s current Statement of Principles will expire in January 2016. We therefore must consult and adopt a new Statement.

We have assessed our current Statement of Principles and made a few minor amendments and additions. These can be shown highlighted in grey and include:

  • Movement of the area profile map into the main document rather than it appearing as an appendix.
  • Mention of Local Risk Assessments. This is in response to the Licence Conditions Codes of Practice from the Gambling Commission.
  • An appendix within the Statement of Principles has been added of the tables for maximum stake and maximum prize by category of machine.

As part of the consultation process Gloucester City Council wishes to seek the views of those who may be affected by or have an interest in the policy.

Here is the Draft Statement of Principles​ in full

Should you wish to make any comments on the draft Statement of Principles please do so by Tuesday 25th August 2015 via email to or in writing to:

Licensing Team
Public Protection
Gloucester City Council
Herbert Warehouse
The Docks

Community Infrastructure Levy Consultation

The JCS authorities are currently consulting on Preliminary Draft Charging Schedules. To view the consultation documents and to make comments click here.

​Have Your Say​​

If you have ever wanted to make your views heard, but simply don’t have the time to attend public meetings or events, our free email alerts service will help keep you connected and updated on the things that matter to you and will enable you to have your say on a variety of issues and topics within Gloucester. Please sign up here.

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