My Gloucester

Did you know My Gloucester lets you view your council tax account, request or make changes to your benefit claim?

For more information, please visit My Gloucester

Data Breach Notification to Residents and Customers

Please follow this link to information regarding a data breach in 2021

Please follow this link for information regarding the Electoral Commission's data breach

Gloucester City Council


Sign up for Podback

Recycle your coffee pods with this new free recycling service.


Cost of Living

Many of us are worried about the rising cost of energy, food and bills. Visit our advice pages for information on where to get help and support.


Support for Ukraine

Gloucester City Council stands with the people of Ukraine and we are doing all we can to support Ukrainians who are having to leave their homes following the invasion.


Gloucester urban greening project

The council has secured funding to improve/create around 250 hectares of habitat across a number of sites in Gloucestershire


#Gloucester Lottery

A lottery supporting Gloucester