Report Fraud

Gloucester City Council is committed to preventing and detecting Business Rates fraud.

What is fraud?

Business Rates fraud is when someone deliberately gives false or misleading information so that they can pay lower or no business rates.

Examples of business rate fraud include:

  • not declaring a new business premise
  • not declaring that a property is being used for business purposes
  • failure to inform the Council that a business has moved into a property
  • falsely stating that a property is no longer in use when it is
  • falsely claiming a reduction or relief

How to report fraud

Give as much information as you can about the business you’re reporting. This could include:

  • the business name
  • the property address
  • the type of fraud you think the business is committing

You can make a report anonymously - you do not have to give your name or contact details unless you want to.


You can contact us on 01452 396 396


You can send a report to


Write to us at: The Investigations Team,Gloucester City Council, PO Box 2017, Pershore, Worcestershire, WR10 9BJ