FAQs and Fees

Can you tell me whether the land is owned by Gloucester City Council?

Yes provided the location of the land concerned is accurately described and is within the city boundary. In order for us to identify ownership, we will need to know the full postal address. If  some boundaries are difficult to describe, we will send you a copy plan for you to outline and return to us to ensure the correct identification of the land in question.

For any enquiries please contact the Council’s help desk on 01452 396396 or email heretohelp@gloucester.gov.uk​​​ or Property.Department@gloucester.gov.uk

Is there a charge for this information?

Normally no charge will be made. However, if a full answer involves considerable research or extensive photocopying of documents then a charge will be made but you will be notified in advance.

How Long will it take you to find the information I have requested?

A response can normally be given within 10-15 working days for standard enquiries, providing all necessary details have been provided to us. In some cases we may need to consult the Deeds, which will take longer than a standard enquiry.

How do I find out the owner of the boundary to my property?

If the property is next to Gloucester City Council owned land or property, we may be able to identify the owner of a particular boundary.  If the property is privately owned you will need to contact the Land Registry. The Land Registry will be unable to assist you if it turns out that the land concerned is unregistered, in which case you may wish to make enquiries locally or try the appropriate Parish Council.

Who owns the property if it is not Gloucester City Council?

We may be able to help if we had a previous interest in the land or property concerned, however, it is probable that you will have to contact HM Land Registry  telephone 0300 006 0411 to obtain the relevant information.

I have identified a piece of land which I believe is owned by Gloucester City Council and I am interested in buying it. What is the procedure?

The Council's policy is to advertise land or property for sale. In most circumstances a sale board will be erected at the property.

Do you have any land and properties to let or for sale?

Please click here​ to be directed to properties/land for sale or rent page.

Do you have any garages to rent?

Please click here to be directed to garages to let page (the council do not currently have any garages available to rent)

I would like to report damage or a potential hazard on Council owned property

In the first instance please contact the Council’s help desk on 01452 396396 the relevant officer will then be contacted. Alternative, you may report a problem online.