Farmers Market

Gloucester City Council's Farmers Market is located in the Gate Streets every Friday.

A Farmers' Market sells locally produced goods to local people. The concept is obviously not a new one as farmers have sold and bartered goods as far back in history as agriculture itself.

It is generally accepted by most Farmers' Markets that stall holders must have grown, bred, caught, pickled, brewed or baked the goods themselves. Their main emphasis is to help local producers and processors to sell their goods direct to the public, as near as possible to their source of origin, creating benefits to both them and the local wider community.

Farmers' Markets also place an emphasis on added value, quality and freshness and they often also offer entertainment and events. They aim for an atmosphere which is vibrant, upbeat and fun, helping to revitalise town centres and to make Market Shopping a sociable and enjoyable experience for all.

The selection of produce available at a Farmers' Market will clearly vary with location and season. However customers are likely to be able to find a delicious seasonal selection of fruit and vegetables, fresh and processed meats, eggs, bread and cakes, preserves, fruit juices and dairy produce.

Trading hours: 9am - 3pm
Charges per stall: £30 or £45 for a double stall

The Market is contracted out and run under license by "Made in Stroud".

If you are interested in running a stall, please contact Mr Gerbrands on 01453 758 060, (Mobile) 07813 943 237 or email

For any other details and information, contact Markets Office

Phone: 01452 528 796